Friday, January 10, 2014

Shopping Deals and Everyday Life on Instagram

Hi there! First off, I wanted to share some great shopping deals with y'all that I posted on Instagram :)

aubergine hunter tall glossy boots

Now, please don't go thinking I usually spend this much on clothes and fact, most of the clothes in my closet came from Target, Walmart, Old Navy, and Kohls. :) But, for some reason, I've always wanted these Hunter boots. I just didn't want to pay full price for them. :) They're totally waterproof and are said to last a lifetime. And I think they're pretty cute too. :) 

Plus, the Hunter Boot company has been in business for a very long time. Did you know they supplied the British Army with boots for World War I? Anyway, sometimes the stars line up just right and it all works out perfectly. Case in point... one day in late December, the velvet ropes parted and angels sang when I saw a post on Courtney's Blog where she talked about a fabulous sale at Nordstrom!! 

These boots are normally $140, and they were on sale 40% off!! In addition to the sale price on the boots, they were offering free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve. This was just a few days before Christmas too. My poor UPS man delivered them at 9:30 pm on Christmas Eve, but I DID have them for Christmas, as promised. :) 

I posted this Hunter Boot deal on Instagram and have since heard from a few people who got in on the deal too. Sweet!

Now, as you know, sometimes one thing leads to another and this was no different. When I received my boots, I realized I needed to get some jeggings or skinny jeans to wear with them. If you give a girl some boots...she'll ask for some jeggings to go with them. LOL! 

Anyway, just so you know, I DID find the perfect jeggings for a VERY reasonable price (and they aren't those pesky "low rise" kind that you're constantly having to pull up) they are now my favorite thing to wear and they seem to fit every body shape (according to the raving reviews) Needless to say, they made the top of my "Favorite Things Part 3" post...coming soon, I promise!

scalloped cake plate

I got this little cake plate at World Market after Christmas. It came in three sizes and I got the small one. It was only $9.99. I'm going to love having it to display things on. :) I have a lot of dark colored furniture in my house, so I love to find light colored accessories that will show up really well. 

paper straws

Those that follow me on IG know I'm addicted to paper straws. (I've even bought a few more since this pic) Michael's had these in lots of cute colors for $1.50. They also had these cute gift tags.

chalkboard labels

Sometimes it seems like I just clean up when I visit Michael's. :) I also got these chalkboard markers (in a 4 pack) and chalkboard labels, only $1.50 each! I still can't believe I got FOUR of those chalkboard markers for $1.50!

skeleton key at michaels dollar bins

Michael's was also able to feed my other addiction which is baker's twine. They had pretty big rolls in a variety of colors. I also found this skeleton key and some more gift tags. Again, all this for $1.50 each!

handmade by stamp

Okay, these stamps weren't in the dollar bins at Michael's, but they weren't too expensive (especially since I used my 50% off coupon) When I saw a crown stamp on Lisa's Blog, I just knew I needed one too. :) And I thought the "handmade by" one would be cute to use when giving homemade cookies and sweets to family and friends.

My fellow Downton Abbey fans will love this! Isn't it darling? I saw this childrens book at Target. :)

Speaking of books, I came across this pop up book in my closet the other day. Now, THAT'S a pop up book, huh? It was a favorite when my boys were little. We read it over and over and over. :) 

This is how we spent our New Years Eve...and I wouldn't change a thing. :) Leftover pizza, sparkling cider with the kids, sparklers and poppers. Perfection in my book. :)

And here's a picture of my baby boys (that are now in college and high school!) I shared this on IG for #tbt (throwback Thursday) They were one and two years old in these pics. Sweet boys!

This was the leftover pizza we had on New Years Eve. About once a year, my hubby makes his famous deep dish pizza. Oh my, it's SO good!! Look how thick that crust is! Do I get a thumbs up from my Chicago friends? :)

And here's Holly with her present from Santa. I think she likes it. :) Are y'all on Instagram? I love posting about good deals when I find them. It seems like I'm constantly taking pics of merchandise at stores just so I can share it on IG. I get lots of crazy looks sometimes. Lol! You can always follow me @texasdecor. :)

One more thing...I just got an email from Amazon and for a limited time, they're giving you $30 off all Kindle Fire tablets. Just enter code: MAYDAY30 at checkout. 

 Have y'all gotten anything good lately in the Michael's dollar bins?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I haven't been to Michaels since the holidays. You got some really cute stuff! It's nice to know they sell those cute straws there. I found some at an antique store once but never knew where else you could buy them. That mouse book is hilarious too! I bet that was a popular book this year.

  2. Do you know I already have the socks for the Hunter boots and don't have the boots yet???!!!! I tried buying before but the fit wasn't great so I haven't made the jump to bigger size yet. Can you tell me how it fits on you and what size you ordered? That Mouston Abbey is too cute a great gift for any Downton fan like me!Love all your finds Lisa!

  3. Wow, you found some great deals!!! Love your new ...and that little kitty house is just adorable :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love when you share what you buy! Man, do I have to go to Michael's! I've only been in there a couple times.
    Love the boots and man were your boys adorable!!
    Have a nice weekend friend!

  5. What a great deal on the Hunter Boots! Abby and I share a pair (lol!), I got them on Zappos years ago. You can also get the special socks to wear with them...they can be really cold and uncomfortable without them.

    I'd love a trip to Michael's just for some inspiration at this time of year. I'm not too into Valentine's Day, but I would love a small project. Those straws are too cute!

    It looks like you guys had a fun NYE! I love deep dish pizza. Your husband had that down really well! :)


  6. Love all your finds and bargains. Hurry up and tell about the jeggings. Super cute babes - I hope they did not mind their baby pics on the blog now that they are men!

  7. I wonder if our Michaels has any of the straws left. I was on a rather stringent budget last time I was in there, had to concentrate on what I needed, not what I wanted just for heck of it, also had very impatient grumpy old man waiting. Have to say I liked it much better when the $1.50 stuff was $1. I wait til they put some of it on clearance for $.50 then I load up. Hey on SS you have to keep any eye on your budget, lol. (what budget). Happy days
    Our Michaels is in Grand Junction, CO. western side of CO.

  8. Doggone it, forgot to mention your awesome little boys, they are so sweet and precious. Remind me of my "boys" who are now 51 and almost 50 in May. They're 16 months apart. Have to enjoy while they're so little and love us so much just cause we're their Mom, lol.

    1. Srpprcrftr-- Aww...thanks! I can't imagine having them only 16 months apart...I bet you were one busy mama! I was just in my Michael's again the other day and they still had lots of straws, so maybe yours will too. I also noticed they went from the $1 bins to the $1.50 bins. It seems like everything is going up these days. :)

  9. Oh my goodness, the books look amazing and I love all your other treasures too. Sounds like the perfect New Year's eve. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  10. Love those boots! My daughter really wants a shiny red pair...wish they would come down in price.

  11. oh those boots
    are delicious!

    and apparently
    i need to go shopping with you
    to find the deals

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

    1. Thank you, Alison! When I shop, it seems like I either find everything or nothing at all. Lol! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  12. I just made a trip to Michael's, great time I had indeed!
    I hope you did not spend to much on that stamp of the crown, I got mine for 25 cents, yup 25 cents. There was a couple of 25 cent bins, when I came across the first crown stamp I thought, gosh this can't be just 25 cents, someone must of tucked it in here. Then as I made my way thru other shelves of these sales bins there were several more, fantastic price indeed. I really love stocking up on these little goodies, I purchased blank greeting cards and little note books and such at these prices, love Michael's. Also, love your boots.
    Visiting from Common Ground today.

  13. GREAT finds. Your kitty looks sooo happy in her new home, so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME're being featured this week so hop back over...

  14. Hi , Omg! We have the same taste . I bought every single thing you did at Michaels plus more . So you mean to tell me the 1.00 stuff will be going up ? I'm in Maine and it's still 1.00 here. I live the Mary Englebriet stuff they have too .

    1. Don't you just love Michael's? I always find fun stuff there. Our dollar bins went up to $1.50 about a year ago. That's great if yours is still only $1!

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