Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Chair Covers and The Home and Family Show

Hey everyone! Do y'all like ordering online? I love it, but sometimes it's hard to tell the true color of an item. I recently ordered new chair covers for the dining room. The description said "white" but when they arrived, they were more of a linen or oatmeal color. At first I was disappointed, but after I ironed them and put them on the chairs, I decided to keep them. 

Here are the old chair covers. I still liked them, but wanted something a little less "busy" and more neutral.

walmart chair covers

And here are the new ones. I'm pretty happy with them. The only thing I didn't consider is that my cat has black and grey fur and she likes to sit on these. Oh well. :)

white walmart chair covers

I kept the same pillows for now. Hopefully with the more neutral color, I'll be able to switch out the pillows a little easier.

Here's a close up. You can't really tell the true color in my pics either because of the bad lighting. 

Here are a couple of pics I took with my iPhone, hoping to give you a better idea of the true color...

Oh...one more thing...and this has nothing to do with decor or anything like that. :) Does anyone remember a show on The Family Channel that ran from 1996 to 1998 called "The Home and Family Show?" The host was Cristina Ferrare and it was on M-F from 12pm - 2pm. It was the best little show! It came on at the perfect time because my son (who was 2 at the time) took his naps from 12-2. They had all kinds of segments such as gardening, fashion, cooking, beauty, household tips, etc. 

I looked forward to it every day. :) Well, now it's back and Cristina is still hosting it (and she hasn't aged a single day...how is that possible?!) It's called "Home and Family" and it's on the Hallmark Channel M-F from 9am - 11am. They have celebrity guests and still do all the fun segments with fashion, cooking, tips, etc. Oh, and Kym Douglas is still on there too, love her beauty segments! Check it out if you have time. :)



  1. I love your new chair covers! I think you will be happy with the solid color rather than the printed. I have never heard of that show before, but will check it out some time. It sounds really good! I do know the host though. She's beautiful!

  2. Love your new chair covers....the fabric is very pretty!! I have never heard of that show before. I'll have to look and see what channel it is on and check it out tomorrow :o)

  3. Your chairs look great. Isn't it funny how we all love a certain fabric or pattern like the chair covers you had then we change our mind over time? I really like the neutral ones...the fabric texture looks pretty too. I do think I remember that show!

  4. I think your chair covers are great! I am thinking of similar chairs and covers for the ends of my harvest table at the lake. And I do know what you mean about the color thing. A lot of places will send swatches. And I always read customer reviews...you'll learn if the fabric is too thin, not the right shade, etc.

    I'm definitely going to look up this show. I am sort of tired of all those women talking over each other on The View!!


  5. Love your new slipcovers! They are beautiful!


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