Monday, November 11, 2013

Target Dollar Spot Finds

Hi there! I just wanted to pop in real quick to share some fun things I found at Target's Dollar Spot this weekend. I shared them on Instagram (@texasdecor) but I wanted to share them here too just in case anyone wants to run out and get these cute things. :)

I love this little burlap Christmas pillow! It was $3!! (everything else I'll show you was only $1, except the cake plate at the end of the post.) :)

target dollar spot pillow

Here is another pic of the pillow along with some little polka dot pillow boxes, a Christmas count down chalkboard and a "thank you" wooden stamp.

These burlap covered pails were just darling and I loved the white one with the snowflakes. :)

Another Christmas countdown chalkboard, some gold alpha stickers, cute labels, file folders, straws, and glitter tape.

Here are some close ups of the wooden stamp and pillow boxes.

Burlap pillow and chalkboard.

The other chalkboard and alpha stickers.

I just love these labels and file folders. :)

Paper straws for $1! Love the glitter tape too. 

glitter tape

Okay...don't get excited...this cake plate WAS NOT in the dollar bin. :) I just couldn't resist it though. I saw this cake plate last year on the Target website, but they were sold out. I kept checking throughout the year and it always said it was unavailable online and in stores. I just happened to spot it in the store this weekend and literally squealed with delight! It was only $19.99!

hob nail cake plate

Don't y'all love the Dollar Spot? I've found such good things there lately. :) I'm working on getting all my Thanksgiving decor photographed, and will hopefully have that post up later in the week. Thanks for visiting!



  1. Target is dangerous!! I grocery shopped there last Friday just so I could cruise around the store. I never find those great things on the Dollar Spot. Love that pillow.

  2. I love shopping at Target. I rarely see good stuff in the dollar bins. But, boy, you sure did! Those things are so nice. I'll have to take another look next time I'm there. Thanks for sharing your loot!

  3. Oh my Gosh! I've been skipping the target $1 section lately and now I want to slap myself! Awesome finds Lisa!

  4. Hitting Target tomorrow!!! Love the burlap pillow!

    1. Let me know if you get anything! They have such good stuff right now. :)

  5. Really cute stuff, Lisa! That pillow is adorable, ant I adore that cake plate!

  6. I always find something on those shelves, Lisa! My daughter bought the little metal pails and I got two little signs much like yours with the Christmas Countdown. I didn't see the pillow and it is SO cute!! And your cake plate is very pretty! Sigh...I could go there everyday!!


  7. Ugh. I love Target toooo much! And I've been wanting a nice cake display thingy...happy November!

  8. I LOVE target, and I got that same cake tray and platters and even a bowl last year at Christmas! They're so heavy and lovely! Great choice! Hey, come over and enter my giveaway for LoveFeast velvet pumpkins, the LARGE set!! I know you'd love them, and they'd look great in your house!

  9. You found some wonderful dollar goodies! Love your little pillow and cake plate too....very pretty!


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