Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Basket Redo

Hi everyone! Y'all know how I'm constantly changing my decor, right? Well, I just wasn't happy with the sofa table in my foyer. I think the problem was that it had too many small items on it and I thought it would look better with one big statement piece, flanked by just a couple of other items. Does that make sense?

Now, y'all know how I always like to show a quick "after" shot before I explain everything, right? Well, here's the "after" shot of the basket I used for the big piece in the center:

thanksgiving basket

Here is how it looked before:

Yes, that's Holly's toy basket under the table. Didn't feel like moving it out of the shot for the pics. :)

Here's the basket I found in the garage. It originally had some fake ivy in it. I left the styrofoam in it because after the holidays, I plan on putting some hydrangeas in it. I just put a light coat of heirloom white spray paint on it. 

Here's an after shot. I just filled it with some pumpkins I got on clearance at Kirklands and some fall ribbon.

I got that little "Fall" pumpkin pillow on clearance at Kirklands too. I just kind of hung it over the side.

I love those little burlap pumpkins. Those were on clearance for $1! The cream colored pumpkins came in a bag of about 7 for $4. 

I think I'll put some ornaments, pinecones, and Christmas ribbon in it next. I'm already thinking of what I can put in it for Easter too. Maybe some fabric Easter eggs I have. :) When there's no major holiday on the horizon, I think I'll just fill it with some hydrangeas. 

Here's a pic of the burlap pumpkins I put on Instagram. Aren't they cute?

burlap pumpkin from kirklands

I still can't believe those were only $1! Have y'all gotten any good deals on anything lately?

P.S. Check back Friday when I'll be sharing my patio makeover. You won't believe the horrible "before" pics. Here's a hint...mold. Yuck! Don't worry though, it's all pretty now. :)


I'm joining the party at: Common Ground


  1. Your foyer vignette looks great! I love the big basket filled with pumpkins and pretty! Can't wait to see your patio transformation :o)

  2. Those little cream and burlap pumpkins are so cute! I haven't been to Kirklands in a long time. I may have to pay them a visit. There is one not too far from me. Your basket centerpiece turned out great. I like how that looks in your foyer. Btw, I see that you covered the faces in your wedding photo. Now don't be shy! LOL!

  3. I noticed your covered faced in the wedding photo, too! You guys aren't in the Witness Protection Program, are you? lol!

    I like this version of the sofa table. All of the pumpkins are so cute!! Just a tip...sometimes I crumple up some paper in the bottom of the basket to elevate what's in it. Then it sort of "overflows". I hope you don't think I'm pushy. Maybe you know this already!! :)


  4. I think your entry table looks lovely, Lisa! I was just going to suggest the same thing that Jane (above) did about adding some kind of filler (crumpled paper is perfect) to lift up your pumpkins so they can be seen better. It's a real "cheater" but makes your arrangements look like you just have tons of items filling and over-flowing your basket, bowl or whatever. Hope you don't mind the suggestion.


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