Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Insta Pics and This and That

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd share a few more Instagram pics with y'all. :)

Oh, and FYI...I just got back from the dentist where I got three fillings. Ugh. It was supposed to be four, but the fourth one didn't look as bad as it did on the x-ray, so they decided to leave it for now. Anyway, if there's spelling errors in this post, just chalk it up to me not quite feeling my best right now. :) And also, just so y'all know, I DO get my teeth cleaned every six months like clockwork, I guess I just consumed too much sugar this time. LOL! I still can't believe I had THREE cavities!! Oh well.

Okay, on with the pics. I made this almond torte. Oh was SO good! It was very easy and quick. I actually timed myself and it only took 23 minutes to get it mixed up and in the oven. THIS is the recipe I used. I've been making some trial runs of desserts for Thanksgiving and this one definitely made the cut. :)

almond dessert

Y'all know how I gave up coffee (I still drink decaf from time to time) but I still love to have my hot tea every morning. Sometimes hubby and I will run errands or go shopping on the weekends and I always try to finish my tea quickly before we go. Anyway, I know these are nothing new, but I recently found that my local HEB grocery store carries these. They're Chinet insulated disposable travel cups. They come in a pack of 10 for about $3. I love this because I can just put my tea in one of these and take it with me and throw it away when I'm done. 

coffee cup with lid

So, this is what happens when you take your teenage son with you to Dollar Tree to pick up some cute mason jars with gold lids...

dollar tree mason jars

I'm beginning to see why I had three cavities. :)

Do y'all remember my "lemon" tree I planted in the Spring? Well...I just picked my first "lemon" of the season. Hmm...I think the garden center pulled the ol' switcheroo. This definitely looks like (and tastes like) an ORANGE!

I got the new LL Bean catalog in the mail the other day and they gave me a $10 coupon. My hubby has been wanting some thick wool socks and I found these. They were $14.95, but after my coupon, I got them for only $4.95. LL Bean has free shipping all the time now, and I didn't have to pay tax, so the total was still $4.95. Love their free shipping policy!! My hubby says they're VERY comfy. :)  Would you believe he still had a pair of wool socks he was issued in the military THIRTY years ago?! I'd say it was definitely time for a replacement. :)

Not to turn this into an LL Bean commercial, but don't y'all love their stuff? I love that they'll replace pretty much anything if it breaks. They really stand by their products. I know someone that had an LL Bean backpack for almost 20 years when the zipper finally broke, and they replaced her backpack for free! We bought their luggage a few years ago and its held up great. My mom bought this same set, but in lavender. It was pretty amusing when her hubby (my stepdad) took the lavender suitcase on a business trip. :)

My kids have had their LL Bean backpacks for TEN years!! My oldest got his in 5th grade and now he's a sophomore in college and still using the same one! When my boys were in elementary school, I got tired of having to buy a new Scooby Doo or NASCAR backpack every 6 months when they wore out, so I finally invested in these and I'm so glad I did. All four of us have one of these and we always use them when we go on vacation. 

Did y'all get your BOGO Starbucks coffee this weekend? I posted about their buy one holiday drink, get one free on Instagram. My youngest son and I got peppermint mochas. Well, HE got a peppermint mocha, I got a "grande decaf non-fat, no whip peppermint mocha." :)

peppermint mocha

I can't stay away from Kohl's. I had $20 in Kohl's cash and a 20% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I made a trip over there and found these. I've been wanting a purple necklace and earrings, and as usual, Kohl's delivered. :) I only paid $4.68 for these after my discounts. 

purple earrings

I thought it was funny one day when I realized I was reading a mystery book about a cat, while my own cat was sitting close by, while I was wearing (sort of) cat eye reading glasses. Just call me the crazy cat lady! LOL!

And last but not least, here's a sneak peek at one of my Christmas trees. I usually put up three trees, but with my recent bedroom makeover (that I hope to share on the blog soon) I now have room for a fourth tree in my bedroom. I've always wanted a tree in there. I found this 6 ft. one at Walmart for only $20. (I have this same one for the dining room) I went ahead and put this one up because I didn't want to store it in the attic for only a week. The minute we're done eating the turkey, I'll be dragging out all the other Christmas decor. :) 

I plan on doing my Thanksgiving tablescapes today and hopefully will get that post up soon.

Oh, one more y'all watch CSI? I'm SOOOO glad George Eads is back tonight! (He took a little leave of absence for a few episodes.) He's pretty much the only reason I watch that show. ;) And he's a Texan, y'all! Love his accent! 

Speaking of CSI, I think I'll rest on the couch and watch a few old episodes. I've only got 30 CSI episodes on my DVR. :)

Y'all have a great day!



  1. Ohhhhhh!!!!! You poor thing! 3 cavities filled at one time. No fun. I bet you're glad that's over! My husband likes LL Bean too. We get their catalogs. He loves to wear outdoor style clothes (I call them). I'm very aware of those socks your hubby got. My husband will sometimes buy something new and it will drive me crazy when it has to be washed a certain way or not go in the dryer etc. Sometimes, I think he's higher maintenance than a girl! I switched to decaf drinks too, btw! I think it was because of all the stress I was feeling after my son left, I felt the caffeine was making me a little too anxious. So, I used to drink 2 cups of caffeinated coffee every morning and now I'm down to 1 cup of decaf. I feel better too now that I survived the headaches that hit me withdrawing from it! Can't wait to see the tree in your bedroom.......and your new remodeled bedroom. It looks pretty so far.

  2. Those socks look great! I can't believe I tossed out the catalog I got in the mail yesterday!! At this time of year they start coming in like crazy!! I had an LL Bean backpack when I went back to college for two years. That sucker could carry a ton! And the last two area rugs in my living room came from there, I know it sounds weird, but it's a beautiful cream colored rug at a good price. I was in Kohls last week. I was so tempted to open a charge card but hubby would kill me. I like their clothes and most of the coupons work best with the card.

    I get those to-go cups for my daughter as she is always losing her real ones. Costco has them in bulk at a great price but I will get these in a pinch. I love to bring a drink with me whenever I'm in the's just a weird habit.

    I wish we had room in the bedroom for a tree, I just love the lights. I think your ribbon is so pretty, I could never get the hang of wrapping that around a tree, and I just love this gauzy ribbon you have!

    Can't wait to see your finished bedroom and tablescape. I think I am going to post my final bedroom reveal (I've pretty much shown most of it in bits and pieces) when I do the year end post that covers the whole year. Are you doing that?


  3. Oh, no, three! I think I'm past the point of getting cavities, but well into the time in my "long-lived" life that old fillings need to be replaced -- oh, JOY!

    Those earrings & necklace are so pretty!


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