Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My life in iPhone Pics and A New Purse!

I've been using my phone a lot to take everyday life pics. It's just so much easier than lugging around my big camera. I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been up to recently. :)

When I was at my mom's, I spotted this bowl. I remember it from my childhood. It belonged to my great grandmother. I think it's so pretty and I love the color. 

This is a teacup and saucer I spotted that also belonged to my great grandmother. They're very delicate. I love the flowers on them.

traxxas truck
Here's Holly the day after she got spayed. She loves to hide under my son's truck cover thingy. 

I made pumpkin bread in June!! Let me tell y'all...it's been so stinkin' hot here that I thought if I made some pumpkin bread, that the smell of it baking would make me feel cooler. Umm...it didn't work. Ha! We're so ready for some Fall like weather here!
I even ate it with some spiced tea and used a Christmas napkin, but it still didn't feel "Fall-like" to me. Oh well. The pumpkin bread was really good!

Don't y'all love to get a new purse? Usually when I get a new purse, I'll use it everyday for several years. I don't change out my purses very often. I was so happy when I found this one! I was wanting a solid color purse and I really liked this pewter color. I need a big purse too, and this has the perfect amount of room. Plus, it has a zipper on top. I can't use purses that just have the little magnetic closure because I'm always afraid the contents of my purse will spill out. LOL! I just love to organize a new purse!

Here's my old purse. It served me well for a couple of years. :) I was just getting tired of always having a purse with a pattern on it. I was ready for a solid color again.
Here's something else I found at my mom's that also belonged to my great grandmother. These are little birthday candle holders for a cake. You  put a birthday candle in them, then just plop it down on top of the cake. I thought they were just precious! The only thing is that the hole for the candle is really small, so I don't think a regular birthday candle will fit. I'll probably have to shave it down or something. 

Can you see how small that hole is? Maybe I can find some really slim candles for it.

kirkland's makeup bag
I posted this on Instagram (chels70) I just love it when I have a list of things I need and I'm able to find every one of them at the same store. :) I stopped by Kirkland's the other day to look for some clear canisters, a new makeup bag, and a bird nest. I was able to find every one of those items there!! I really like my red canisters, but was wanting a clear set to change out when the mood strikes. :) That little nest has a clip on the back so you could clip it onto something too. I clipped it in my hair and waited for my hubby to notice it. Ha! Right now I have it on my mantle, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it there. 

Here's another Instagram pic. These are all flowers from my garden. I love bringing them inside to enjoy! I felt like Anne of Green Gables as I wondered around my backyard with a basket collecting flowers. :) To see more of my backyard garden, just click on "garden" under the labels on the right side of my blog and it'll bring up all my "garden" posts. :)

I made pecan pancakes the other day. Oh my! I don't think I'll ever eat plain ones again!

They were so good! I always eat my pancakes the same way...I eat one with just butter on it, and one with just syrup. I never mix the two. LOL!
I guess that's all that's been going on. Thanks for taking the time to visit! Y'all have a great day!


  1. Lovely pictures! Your pecan pancakes look delicious!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  2. I love a little random post like this, it shows what sort of life you live and says a lot about you. I'm very much like you with purses. I like a darker one in the winter and carry it for a long time and then switch to something lighter (with fabric and a pattern) in the summer. Still, they are the same for years since I'm so picky. Hubby splurged and bought me a Kate Spade purse a few years ago for my birthday. I love it but I was also afraid to stop using it because I know my daughter would swipe it!

    Hope you're having a great week!


  3. That's a great little purse you got. I love getting a new purse & usually look first at Burlington Coat Factory. I really like Nine West bags because so many of them have pockets in just the right places (for me). Two of my most favorite purses are ones I bought in Spain on a vacation last Spring. One is a pretty turquoise and the other is a gorgeous orange. I'm one of those crazies who change purses almost daily! The trick is to have everything organized into little pouches so I can switch quickly and easily.

    Your flowers are beautiful! Just about everything here is now crispy. Even the garden is just about done.

  4. What a neat post. You have some beautiful items from your great grandmother that you will always cherish. I have never seen those birthday candle holders before. Yes I have seen skinny tall slender candles for cakes. You should be able to find them.


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