Thursday, July 11, 2013

Light Switch Covers and a Re-Do of a CD Tower

A friend and I were talking the other day about how little things can make a big difference in decorating. It made me think about these light switch covers we have. We found them on clearance at Target years ago for around $2 each. (scroll down to see some I recently found at Walmart) I like them much better than the standard ones the house came with. These pics are from my phone, so they may not be the best quality. :) The pics always look great on my phone, but for some reason they show up blurry on the blog. Here are a few pics of the ones in our house. 

I just think it makes them look a little nicer. :) We didn't replace all of ours. We mainly just replaced the ones in the main rooms. I didn't go all crazy and replace the ones inside our closets or anything. LOL!

Here are some I found at Walmart. As you can see, they're only $3.97. 

They had different colors too. 

These were kind of neat because you could paint or stain them any color you wanted. 

Here's a CD cabinet I've had for years. It sits in a little alcove area. I was really tired of the whole "house" look it had to it. 

This was before blogging, so I don't have pics of the process, but I just put a coat of primer on it, then painted it Svelte Sage, then used a little stencil I found at Hob Lob. I used brown acrylic paint for the stencil and applied it with a foam brush.

For the top, I just primed it, then brushed on watered down brown acrylic paint. I used a folded up paper towel to "brush" on the paint. I'm happier with it now. :)

Well, that's all I've got for now. Have a great day!

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  1. I love adding light switch covers! I've had some really unusual ones for fun areas. Where I am now, they are a different style and I haven't seen new covers that would work.

    I've missed seeing what you're up to! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I saw those light switch covers on another blog awhile ago and went to Home Depot and Target looking for them. They didn't have the sizes I needed and most of them were in brown, which I didn't want. I really, really like them! Then I got the idea of taking my covers off and spray painting them...still haven't done that! lol!

    The CD cabinet is SO cute, I love little projects like that.


  3. Love those light switch covers....very nice! Your CD tower turned out so cute too :o) Have a great weekend!!!

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