Sunday, July 21, 2013

Frozen Punch Recipe

When I posted my son's birthday decor HERE, I promised to share the punch recipe with y'all. I originally got this recipe from a friend at a baby shower many, many years ago. It is the best punch I've ever tasted and my kids request it all the time. :)

Just looking at this pic makes me want some right now. :) It is so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.

Here's what you'll need (plus 2 cups sugar, not pictured)

Here's the recipe:

2 small lemon jello boxes
2 cups sugar
8 oz. lemon juice
46 oz. can pineapple juice
2 Tablespoons almond extract
Ginger Ale to pour over the frozen mixture when ready to serve 

You just mix up the jello per the instructions on the box. (with hot water, then cold water) Once it cools a bit, add the 2 cups sugar and mix well. Then add the lemon juice, pineapple juice, and almond extract. Mix well and freeze overnight, then scrape off into punch bowl and add ginger ale.

I just mix it all up in a big pot, then transfer it to plastic containers before I freeze it.

Here are the plastic containers I freeze it in. (I put the lids on before I freeze it, but wanted to show you what the mixture looks like) :)

I usually let it sit out on the counter for 30 minutes or so to kind of soften up before I scrape it up with a fork and add it to the punch bowl. For this recipe, I usually use 2-3 bottles of ginger ale. I just check it throughout the party and if it's running low, I just add more frozen mixture and top it with ginger ale. 

Here's one more pic of the finished product. The almond extract really is what makes this punch so good. Hope you'll try it and let me know what you think. :)


  1. Oh, that sounds really yummy and so refreshing because of the lemon!

  2. It sounds very refreshing, especially with such hot temps right now!!! I can't even remember the last time I had punch?!? I might just have to make some just because :o)

  3. Oh that looks so delish! I love a tart punch sounds like it would be...and very refreshing too! Thanks for sharing!


  4. This looks SO good, very refreshing on a hot summer day. I wish I had the recipe for when we had all the company on the 4th! Thanks so much...better late then never! ;-D


  5. Oh great recipe, thanks tons for sharing and for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. This sounds so yummy and like it would be very refreshing on a hot summer day. I love punch and am always tempted to make some just because it tastes so good. No special event needed! lol

    1. Thanks, Suzy! We sure have been enjoying the leftovers from that punch. :) I like the fact that since you freeze it, you can just fix a glass at a time if you want. :) It tastes even better on a really hot day. LOL!

  7. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Definitely saving this one. I am visiting from Imparting Grace.

  8. We love punch too! Your recipe looks YUMMY, thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

  9. Oh, yummy. I LOVE punch!! I'm pinning this to my Beverage recipe board, and I'm also going to feature you at this week's Grace at Home! :)


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