Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things You Apparently Need When You Turn 40

Well, apparently there are a few things that happen around the time you turn 40. First I had to start coloring my hair to get rid of the unwanted stray gray hairs. Then, it seems my cable company started making the on- screen guide much smaller. Then, the vitamin companies started making the print on their bottles harder to read. :) Well, I finally figured out it wasn't was my 40 + year old eyes. Ha!

So naturally the next step was to get some "readers." For all you young whipper snappers out there, those are reading glasses. Yep, I had to start using them for all the small print stuff. 

I didn't want to just get any old readers though. They had to be "stylish" or as stylish as readers can get. :) I also didn't want to spend a fortune on them, because I've been told you should get at least three pairs so you have a pair in several rooms in your house as well as one in your purse. 

Well, Charming Charlie just happened to send me a gift card not too long ago for $10. I think it was because I signed up for their emails, etc. I decided to run in there real quick the other day to see if there was anything I wanted. I usually go straight to the clearance section in the back of the store because they have such good deals back there. As soon as I got to the clearance section, I spotted these:

Here's a closer look

And check out that price tag! Only $4.99!! Sweet!

Here's a close up look at each one.

These just might be my favorites.

I didn't even know Charming Charlie sold glasses. With my $10 gift card, I only had to pay about $5 for all three. I love a good deal!

They were the perfect strength too at +1.25 (for now, anyway) Ha!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Uh huh...and as you are about to turn 50 like me you move on up to 2.0 strength!

  2. I love all three pairs of those. Yes, I wear them too, only I've graduated to the l.5 strength. They all look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love those glasses, as I am shopping for new specks for me. I started using glasses to read at I am 60 and my eye sight is the same as a decade ago. Have a nice Mother's Day. Thank you for your sweet visit.

  4. I have bifocal contact lenses...I had to start using them when I was about 35! I always loved how the older ladies wore them down on their noses and peered over them. Unfortunately I never looked like that!


  5. Ah yes......good ol reading glasses. I only need mine when I'm wearing my contacs because, then up close, everything is blurred without them. My problem is constantly misplacing them. I want the kind you can wear around your neck that have a magnet that opens them up and snaps back together. You did good to get 3 pair too. Eventually you'll want a pair in every room of your house! LOL! Those are some cute ones too. I usually spend around $10/pr, so you did great!

  6. Those are all really cute and such a great deal! I now only have two options -- bifocal glasses or mono-vision contacts. I prefer the ease of my glasses when I'm at home, working at the computer, crafting or sewing; but I'm still vain enough to prefer the contacts when I'm out and about! Unless it's windy, then I will always choose my!

    Congratulations on your feature at Maria Elena's party!


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