Saturday, May 18, 2013

An "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" kind of day...

Did you ever have one of those days where one thing just leads to another and you soon forget what it was you were trying to do in the first place? I call these days "if you give a mouse a cookie day" after the popular children's book of the same name. Basically, the book talks about if you give a mouse a cookie, he'll ask for a glass of milk to go with it, then he'll want a straw, then he'll want a napkin, etc. etc. 

Sometimes I start out attempting to accomplish one single thing, but soon find myself taking care of everything else that comes up and I never really accomplish what it was I first set out to do. Case in point:

The other day, I ran a bunch of errands in the morning. I came home and desperately wanted a cup of tea, but I had a ton of other chores to do. I'm one of those people who can't relax and enjoy anything unless all my work is done first. :) I honestly CAN'T relax until ALL my work is done. I just can't. I can't sit on the couch and enjoy a movie if I know there's laundry to be done, floors to be swept, etc. 

So, before I had my cup of tea, I decided I would very quickly put a load of towels in the washer. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, here's how it went down:

I went into the laundry room to put the towels in the washer. Then I noticed the glass container that I keep my laundry soap in was almost empty, so I decided to refill it from the box. After I refilled it, I went out into the garage to recycle the laundry soap box. While I was in the garage, I noticed the garbage can was still out by the curb. So, I went out to bring the garbage can back in the garage. While I was bringing the can back in, I noticed I hadn't put the new sticker on the can. (We pay for garbage pick up quarterly, and they mail us stickers to put on our cans so they know we've paid the fee.) 

I then went inside to grab the new sticker to put on it. After I put the new sticker on, I went back inside to throw away the backing of the sticker. When I opened the kitchen garbage can, I noticed it was pretty full, so I decided to empty it. As I was taking the garbage out, I happened to glance into my car and saw my broken sunglasses on the front seat. 

That reminded me I needed to get new ones. So, after I went back inside, I made a quick note to myself to stop by the store and get some new ones. Then I thought of a few other things I needed at the store too, so I  sat down and made a big list. One of the things on the list was bottled water. That reminded me I needed to pay the water bill. 

So, then I went online to pay the water bill. While I was paying the water bill, there was a commercial for a yummy looking dessert. That reminded me I needed to figure out what I was going to make for a family celebration we were having that weekend, since I was in charge of the dessert. 

I went to get my dessert cookbook out of the pantry. When I opened the pantry door, I noticed our kitten had gotten in there and chewed through her brand new bag of kitten chow. Why she does this, I don't know. She had a full bowl of food two feet from there. :) So, then I had to transfer the kitten chow to the cereal container that I keep her food in. She heard the clinking sound of her food being poured and came running. She looked up at me with that "I really want a kitty treat" look on her face, so I of course had to get out her treats and give her one. Or two. :)

About an hour later, I finally sat down on the couch and realized I never got my cup of tea. :)

Do you ever have days like this? Please tell me you do. I'd hate to think I'm the only one who does this on a regular basis. :) 

And just because I hate to post without a pic, here are a few:

Here are the new sunglasses I got to replace the broken ones. Aren't they cute? :)
I think I already posted most of these on Instagram (chels70) but I wanted to share them here too.

Here's Holly in her "Halloween Cat" pose. Sorry it's kind of blurry, I took it with my phone and didn't have time to focus because I was trying to catch her in this pose. Ha!

I don't know what this was about. LOL!

Do y'all have a Menchie's in your area? Oh my is so good! This was their pink lemonade mixed with coconut. Yum!

Y'all have a great day!


  1. Isn't everyday supposed to be like that? It sure is for me. :)

  2. You sound just like me some days...You wouldn't happen to be a gemini would you??? Lol

    1. Nope, I think I'm kind of just your typical Type A personality most days! LOL!

  3. I have those kinds of days A LOT! I think that's just how it is when you're taking care of a house and kids etc. Sometimes, I'll come to the end of my day and think, Did I get one thing done on my "to do" list? If I can say yes, I'm happy.

  4. Oh, I do this all the time! I can go in one room for something and start a project there...before you know it, I've got "stuff" going on in every room. I think that is one of my strongest faults. I can sit down though without everything being done. :) Prior to retirement, I couldn't!



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