Saturday, April 27, 2019

Shutting Down The Ol' Blog...

Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm pretty much done with blogging. I'm now sharing all my pics and projects over on Instagram. The name of my Instagram account is:


I hope you'll follow along. I've been completing a lot of projects lately and shared them all on Instagram...a complete pantry makeover, lots and lots of drawer organization, newly recovered barstools, a new ginger jar obsession, gardening pics, a cat doorbell (lol), several new pillows and as soon as they're all new rugs. 

Blogging has been fun, but my comments have really slowed down lately and it just doesn't seem worth it to go to all the trouble of composing a blog post when it's so much easier and quicker to post on IG. Plus, it was like I was double posting...first on IG, then on the blog. I get WAY more interaction on IG, so that's the platform I'm going with. :) 

Thanks for following along all these years and I hope to see you on Instagram!



  1. Lisa, I’ve really enjoyed following you and seeing your projects. I don’t get over to Instagram very often, but I’ll be sure to look for you there. 😊

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I have missed your blogging. I am like Kim and do not get over to IG as much but will go on and follow you to keep in contact. I still love to blog and have lots of peeps that follow my blog and I feel I get more interaction and get to know the people that follow my blog. The beauty of social media is that everyone finds what works for them. I will go over and catch you on IG.

  3. Awe girl. I hate that you are stopping. I just got back on IG after being off for six months. I will come find you there.

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