Sunday, March 11, 2018

Coffee Cake Recipe and Elchim Hair Dryer

I was next door at my mom's house the other day and noticed a 1964 Bisquick cookbook on her counter. I started flipping through it and found this coffee cake recipe...

 Don't you love the cool graphic showing you exactly how big a 9" pan is?! Lol! 

It seemed easy enough and I had everything on hand, so I tried it and it was really good! 

I ran a piece over to my mom when I returned her cookbook later that day. I love finding old recipes like this. Makes me feel like I've gone back in time. :) 

In other news, my blow dryer broke. Again. The last three blow dryers I've owned have all quit working within 6 months of purchase. And yes, we cleaned the filter and did all the other quick fixes they recommend and nothing worked. They were pretty cheap ones, probably only $25, but still. You'd think they would last longer than that. I use it every day, but only for about 10 minutes.

So I put out a request on Instagram, asking for recommendations. I was pretty sure I needed to invest in a professional one, but knew I'd have to pay a lot more. My friend Lauren said she had an Elchim and was very happy with it. I also noticed our local news anchor, Dominique Sachse uses an Elchim. (In addition to being a news anchor, Dominique is a big YouTube star with great makeup and hair tutorials) I remembered seeing her use an Elchim in one of her videos. Since she's local (and deals with our humidity first hand) and has naturally curly hair like me, I went with the model she uses: The Elchim 2001 When reading about the 2001, it said "The Elchim Classic 2001 is ideal for all hair types, but especially thick, coarse hair that typically becomes wild and frizzy after drying." Sold! That perfectly describes my hair. :) 

Here's how the Elchim 2001 is described on the Elchim website: 

 The world’s best-selling professional hair dryer

"The 2001 is a true classic, the two-time winner of the prestigious “Allure Best” prize, the best hair dryer according to Life & Style and the “Best Beauty Buy” for the magazine InStyle USA. Two speeds, five temperatures, high-pressure air compression technology, reliable and efficient. It has been adopted by many hair stylists and schools thanks to the long life of its motor, which guarantees 2,000 working hours."

You can see all the models HERE.   

Here's the box mine came in...

It's made in Italy and I love that guarantee of 2000 working hours! It's very powerful, leaves my hair less frizzy AND dries it in half the time! Oh, and right after I bought it, I had an appointment with my hair stylist (I got 3 inches cut off!) and while I was there, I asked what kind of blow dryer she uses and she has an Elchim too! I should have just asked her first. 

I highly recommend it. Worth every penny. 

One more thing...I've been using this Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum on my hair and love it!!! 

I apply it on wet hair after I shampoo. Then blow dry as usual. It definitely helps to tame the frizzies. And smells like watermelon candy. :) 



  1. I am so glad you like the Elchim you got. I LOVE mine. Because my hair is fine and straight, I have to dry it everyday for style and volume. I love how gentle it is on my hair. It dries so much faster. While I mostly use all natural products, I did pick up a dry bar product (recommended by Megan who is the same blogger who recommended the Elchim to me) that is a heat protector. Works great. With fine hair it can be hard to find a product like that that doesn't weigh your hair down.
    I am going to have to try that coffee cake recipe. Easy for me to adapt for our food sensitivities. I have a recipe I make every Christmas but it's a bit more work.

  2. Elchim is a great choice Lisa. My oldest daughter is a colorist and she uses a Elchim blowdryer and loves it. She said with all the blow dries she does at work these hold up well. I have made that coffee cake in the past and it is delish. Simple and soooooo good. Have a great week.

  3. Your mom lives next door??!! I would have loved that (she's been gone for 15 years). That is so, so, cool, although not for some! :)

    Anyway I just picked up Bisquick to make dumplings. I am so going to try this.

    I really do need a new blow dryer. I am not good with drying my hair, as it's curly and frizzes fast. I asked the girl who does my hair on what to get as far as a wand--True Beauty (not expensive), and for a curling iron-Hot Tools. So thanks, I'll try the blow dryer and hopefully be ready to go!!

    Just love your advice for these nagging issues. Post more, my friend!

    Jane x

  4. I'm glad you are happy with the new hairdryer. I've never paid over $30 for one, but I've only had about six in my entire definitely had some bad luck with dryers! That coffee cake looks delicious! Are you enjoying having your mom next door?
    Warm hugs, Carol

  5. I've seen that hairdryer, my sister has curly hair and has recommended it. She has had it a long time. I like you keep buying cheap and they burn out. Maybe it'd be cheaper to invest in a decent one and keep it for years!! :)


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