Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Some Funnies From IG

Sharing some funny (and inspirational) things from IG today. Enjoy! :) 

I'd love this app! Ha ha! 

So true! 
Alimi Ballard was one of the first people to follow me on IG (many of you probably know him from CSI and NUMB3RS) He has the best quotes and his feed is so inspirational. Such a good man. 

I've never been able to finish them both at the same time! 

Loved this, Lauren! 


Love this one and it's so true. Many times in my life I've been disappointed because something didn't work out the way I planned, or didn't happen when I wanted it to. Then all of a sudden, something better came around and I was so glad the first thing never came to fruition. It's kind of like a new way of thinking for me...For example, I used to get frustrated when I got stuck at a red light. Then one day, an accident happened right in front of me. If I hadn't gotten stuck at the red light, that could have been me. Now I send up a thank you to the universe every time I get delayed by a red light. ;) 

 This is hilarious!!!

Ha ha! Yes! I'm like "Woo-Hoo! I don't have to put on real clothes today!" Lol! 

If you're like the rest of the world and trying to lose a few pounds, these IG pages are so inspirational...

You can follow Rachel @losinggravity on Instagram

You can follow Grace @graciesjourney on Instagram. 

Enjoy your day! 



  1. These are great Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lisa my daughter and I just laughed and nodded through your whole post!! I don't get to Instagram as much as I'd like...

  3. Loved this post, Lisa. Still laughing! LOL

  4. LOL love this. Make me laugh this morning. Thanks for starting my day with a big smile.
    Too funny.

  5. Love these....laughter is the best medicine!

    Hugs, Carol


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