Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hello, Regular Decor! It's Been Awhile!

I'm always happy to see my "regular" decor back after the holidays. I love all the seasonal stuff, but it's nice to just enjoy my neutral palette for awhile. 

Y'all may have noticed I still have that brown scrolly thing above the doorway in the pic above. I intended on making a "farmer's market" sign like my Grocery Sign, but have since decided to make a "bless our nest" sign. I'll let you know when it's done. Hopefully before next year. :) 

Love a clean, fresh start to the new year.

After all the fall and Christmas decor, it was nice to see my hydrangeas in that basket again.

Love the sunshine this time of year (before it gets too hot) 

Real y'all remember the $9 puffer vests at Walmart I told you about before Christmas? I don't think I've ever worn a puffer vest in my life before these and let me tell you, these are perfect for Texas weather! I ended up purchasing three of them...

I never realized how great they'd be for our semi cool days. We don't really get too cold here, and this vest is so much better than a full blown jacket or coat because you don't get too hot in it. I'm now a fan. :) 



  1. I live in my vests during the winter months. Perfect weight.

  2. Love that everything looks after-Christmas fresh and lovely, Lisa. You can send a little of that sunshine and warm weather our way. We have lots of ice and snow here.
    Um...I think those PUFFER vests would make me look even PUFFIER than I already am--AND they wouldn't make it through the cold days here. We need sleevies! lol xo Diana

  3. Everything looks fabulous, clean and fresh! I love Christmas decor, especially since it makes my house seem so new and fabulous once it's put away. All my old stuff looks new! ;)

  4. Hi there!! I'm catching u on your blog...I've missed it!!!
    Those vests are so cute and the fact that they're not too heavy is a huge plus! We don't get too much cold weather here either.

    Your home looks gorgeous as the hydrangeas!!

  5. Your home looks so pretty, Lisa. I also enjoy the after Christmas clean look. It feels a little empty at the beginning, but I love how the house feels bigger and cleaner. Enjoy your Thursday, hopefully today we will have a little less rain. We complain about the heat, but this weather change from hot to cold is starting to bug me. :)

  6. Lisa everything looks pretty, bright and fresh to start out the new year.

  7. Your home looks fresh and lovely, Lisa! I feel the same, love, love the Fall thru Christmas decor and colors, but I always breath a relaxed sigh when everything goes back to normal. I do still have some red going on for Valentine's Day, but I do that mainly in my kitchen where I mix it up with turquoise.

    I remember your post about the puffer vests last year, and I tried to find one at our Walmart with no luck. When I asked the clerk (after a long search), she looked at me like I was crazy and had no idea what a puffer vest was but was certain the store did not carry such a thing. You just can't beat the quality of Walmart staff! I intend to look again the next time I go, since we are having a lot more rain and chilly weather that usual....I'm not complaining...I love wearing sweaters, long sleeves and scarves!

    Warm hugs,

  8. Everything looks so pretty in your home! I'm usually happy to de-clutter after the holidays too. I have never worn a puffer vest either! I bet it would be good in my area as well. Our winters aren't always frigid. It just depends. Sometimes, we get awful winters and other years we don't. So far, other than the one weekend of snow, it has been very mild!

  9. Looks beautiful, as always! And those vests are such a great deal! I've been wearing my down-filled coat down to my knees for 3 months now... haha! Have a great week, my friend!

    1. Oh, that's too funny about the coat down to your knees! I don't even own anything heavy like that. At least you get to see the pretty snow. And spring will be here before you know it. :)

  10. Your homes looks so pretty! Those vests wee a such a great deal....I would have bought three too!!!!!

  11. Everything looks so pretty and clean.. I too, am happy to get the fall/Christmas stuff put away and get back to regular decor..
    Love the vest, I went on line, after seeing your post about it.. I bought it, Just wish I had bought more..ha


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