Saturday, June 11, 2016

BOGO Shoes and a Cake Cutting Tip

So I mentioned I got a steal of a deal on shoes recently. Now I certainly hope y'all didn't think I meant heels or anything sophisticated like that. Ha! We're talking very casual and very budget friendly here, people. What happened was that I was browsing in Payless Shoes (i.e. budge friendly) and noticed some cute buy one get one free slip-ons for summer. It's so hard to pass up a BOGO, am I right? Well I was in a hurry, so I didn't buy them. I came home and could not stop thinking about how cute they were. And it didn't help that I also had a $10 off $30 purchase coupon burning a hole in my pocket. ;)'s the deal...the $10 coupon started on May 31st and the BOGO ended on the 31st. So basically, I HAD to buy some shoes on that very day in order to save money, right? Makes total sense if you're a woman. 

So, here's what I got...

I love the pastel stripes and the black and white pattern will go with a lot of things.

Then I added these cute flips in order to bump my order up to $30 so I could save $10. :) 

They're all SO comfy! I also got these little no show socks at Payless to wear with my slip-ons. They're very low and don't show at all. I don't know about you, but I still like wearing some sort of sock with my slip-ons.   

And they have this little gel thingy on the inside of the heel so they don't slip down...

Genius, right? 

With my stellar savings/coupon skills, I got all four (and the socks) for $37. Not bad for some cute things to make my feet look pretty. 

Have you shopped Payless lately? They really have some cute styles. Don't forget if your store doesn't have your size or the style you're looking for, they can order it and have it shipped to the store for free. And my Payless also takes $3 off the price if the store is out of stock and they have to order it for you. Not sure if all stores do that, but it's worth asking. 

Now for the tip of the week:

I had to share this fantastic tutorial from Amy at Euna Mae's on how to properly cut a round cake...

I pulled this pic from her instagram account @eunamaes where she shows to cut the round cake down the center, then cut it in thin slices instead of wedges. Brilliant! I can't ever seem to make my wedges the same size, so I loved this tip. Y'all should totally be following Amy on IG. She's the cutest southern lady with a wonderful shop that carries the most adorable heirloom kitchen supplies and home goods. (click on the link above to visit) Now I want to make a round cake just for the pleasure of cutting it properly. :) 

I'll be back early next week with my backyard landscaping post. Y'all have a great day!



  1. Cute finds, and great bargain. Love the cake cutting tip. Easier to serve smaller servings.

  2. Lisa, You are a cute and clever girl. I loved those sweet little shoes and the cake cutting was super. I am going to show that to my daughters. LOL> Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. You are a stellar shopper!! Don't I remember that you wrote about Keurig cups one time? Suddenly my husband wants to buy one of those machines and I'm worried about the coffee cost. We are pretty serious drinkers here.

  4. Love the shoes you found and your bargains. I really take a lot of your tips for real! I bought 3 pairs of the Gloria Vanderbilt capris you bought and wrote about recently for $16.00 each on sale at a store other than Kohls. Love them.

    I knew Payless had those little slip on thingies but wasn't sure about them. Definitely going to get some. And yes. Recently they didn't have a size in a shoe I wanted and I got great service and the discount.

    Thanks again, Lisa!


  5. Those shoes are so cute! I don't have any espadrilles. I bet they're very comfortable. I haven't been to Payless Shoes in a long time. I live in flip flops in the summer, so maybe I'll check them out. I never knew there were socks like the ones you found either. I prefer to wear socks too. Just seems more sanitary. I did not know you could cut a cake that way. I've always done the triangle method. I think that would be a good way to make the cake go further at a party!

  6. Very cute shoes! I love those ten dollars off coupons. :)

  7. Cute shoes!! You really found a bargain. Thanks for sharing about the little slip on socks too. I can't wear socks in the warm feet have to breathe! :) I think the socks will be great for cooler temps.

    One of my aunts shared about cutting a round cake this way eons ago. Most of the time I forget! Great reminder ~



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