Monday, April 25, 2016

This and That

So I mentioned I had some home decor shopping to do this weekend but I was only able to find one thing I wanted. I had a whole list, but some things were sold out or unavailable. 

Anyway, the one thing I did find was something I've been trying to find for some time now. Well, let me clarify...I've been trying to find it at a reasonable price. ;) I've found plenty of them, but they were $30-$40 and I just couldn't see paying that much for such a little decor piece.

Here it is...

I know, I doesn't seem like much, but I've been trying to find one of these candle holders for years. I've located plenty of them online, but they were around $30 with shipping and that seemed ridiculous for such a small piece. It's just under 4 inches tall and I couldn't justify paying that much for a little candle holder. :) 

I found this one at Big Lots for $5, y'all! They had bigger sizes too, but the bigger sizes had handles and I didn't like the way they looked. I was so happy when I saw it in their ad in the Sunday paper!

I decided to display it here on the end table in the living room. Don't worry, I plan on lighting that wick later today. The glass candle holder is removable in case you're wondering. You could replace it with another glass holder with a different colored candle if you want, but this blue one smells really nice. Kinda smells like fresh laundry to me. 

You may recall I used to have a mercury glass candle holder on that end table above. It moved over here to the demi lune table. Speaking of good deals, I got that mercury glass candle holder at West Elm during one of their fantastic sales for $5 INCLUDING shipping! 

Now let me share a little secret with you. Want to know what's under that mercury glass? Take a peek...

Mmm hmm...A big ol' scratch. Interesting happened years ago when the cable guy was in my attic and he FELL THROUGH MY CEILING ONTO THAT TABLE! I kid you not. He wasn't watching his step and he fell straight through the ceiling and landed on the table, then the floor. Imagine that phone call my hubby got at work..."Umm...the cable guy fell through the ceiling, maybe you should come home." Lol! The cable guy was fine, but as you can see, my table was not. 

Okay...moving on. So, a tiger was loose in a Houston area neighborhood last week...

What??? Yep, she was just wondering around with her leash trailing behind her like a dog. One brave (?) soul walked up to her, grabbed her leash and waited with her after he called the authorities. Apparently she jumped up and licked him on the face like a dog and obeyed simple commands like "sit" for him. So funny, right? Can you imagine walking out your front door to see a TIGER walking around? 

Last I heard, they were still trying to find her owners. And in case you're wondering, no, it's not legal to keep a tiger in the city. :) 

So, one more thing. I actually cooked dinner recently. Well, "cooked" might be a stretch. Most of you know I've gone down to cooking only one day a week and we eat out the rest of the time. I'm just so tired of cooking and never really did enjoy it. Plus, both boys have jobs now and are rarely home at dinner time, so this is just what works for now. 

Maybe when the boys are on their own, I'll take up cooking again. Things are just so busy right now and it's so much easier to pick something up for dinner. And there's no clean up required, which is great. 

So, anyway, I did whip up some spaghetti and meatballs and a side salad the other night. But I must admit, it was sauce from a jar, frozen meatballs, and bagged salad. ;)

Having said that though, I did add lots of extra seasonings to the sauce, so that counts for something, right? Maybe that makes it "semi homemade." Do y'all add extras to the store bought sauce? I usually add basil, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, garlic salt and crushed red pepper flakes.

Even though the bagged "ready to eat" salad said it's been triple washed, I washed it again. Do y'all do that too, or am I just paranoid? Ha! I even shredded up some fresh parm for our salad. 

I've never added a little sauce to the spaghetti noodles after I boil them, but I saw Tiffani Thiessen do it last week on her cooking show, so I did it too. :) I think it's supposed to keep it from sticking together or something?

So tell me, do you cook during the week or are you more a "take out" kind of family?



  1. I love your new candle holder! I have one similar to that. I bought it at a home interiors store and it came with a poured scented candle inside. Once it burned down, I re-used it with my own candle. I can't get over the tiger on the loose! Too funny that it had a leash around it's neck. I can't imagine having a pet tiger. Remember the tiger in a zoo (forgot which one) that attacked his handler and she died???? No way! I couldn't believe your cable guy fell through your ceiling like that. You can laugh now, but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time (or maybe it was). Ha! That's like something on a tv comedy. We cook in our kitchen most nights. We go out about once a week. My husband likes to cook so that is a bonus.

  2. Lisa, No way do I ever want to see a tiger just walking down the street. Or bear or anything wild or mean. The story of the cable man, yes, I truly believe it. My brother did something like that at mom's house. Like your new little treasures. Blessings,xoxo, Susie

  3. This post is cracking me up!! The cable man, the tiger, and the spaghetti. :) Love it!!

    People should not keep tigers as pets. Period.

    Yes, I do semi homemade cooking all the time. Doesn't that count? We are trying to eat at home more because we are gaining weight and it costs too much. Might have something to do with the fact that my husband won't share the humongous dinners that restaurants have.

    I love your candle holder. It's perfect for spring and summer.

  4. Ok, so the guy fell through your ceiling??? Are you kidding me? Wow. That is crazy. I am surprised that table didn't end up as toothpicks!! ;) AND a tiger in your hood? That is even crazier! It sounds like a story from a children's book.

  5. OMGoodness, where to begin! I think you made a wise choice to hold off on buying the $30 candle holder and lucky to find the $5 version....prices are just insane on some of this stuff! The cable guy fell through your ceiling....really? I do hope they had to pay the repair bill. I'm so amazed that table didn't just collapse! You would think those guys would be more careful.
    A tiger, loose in the neighborhood....SERIOUSLY? I don't know if the guy who walked up to the tiger was very brave or just plain stupid.....I'm leaning toward the later. That situation could have gone wrong on so many levels. Whew!

    Marinara Sauce in a jar, frozen meatballs & bagged salad.....yep, sounds exactly like the way I make spaghetti and meatballs!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  6. I have two of those little candles holders in my dining room. I searched everywhere for them because like you said they are really expensive for their size. I ended up paying $25 for mine so you got a super good deal on yours!!!! I cannot believe your cable guy fell thru the ceiling....that is crazy! Years ago when we had our wood stove installed they stepped thru the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. They failed to mention it to us so we were not happy when we discovered the hole. They did such a terrible job on the installation that we didn't dare have them come back to fix it and just did it ourselves. Since we live in a rural area I have no choice but to cook all our meals every day. I would love to give that chore up, I don't enjoy cooking but like to bake. I use a jar sauce for my spaghetti and add to it. However I found one I like just as it is: Prego Spicey is soooo good! Unfortunately when I went to the grocery store last time they had it on sale as a closeout item. Boo hoo.....

  7. That candle holder is soo pretty, Lisa! Glad you found one and for a great price! And your meal looks delicious! We hardly ever eat out... I do enjoy eating out but the kids don't so it just seems like the way we roll right now. I usually start something in the slowcooker and that way after school, the prep work is done!
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I've been looking for one of those wicker candle holders for a long time. So neat to find it at such a low price. :) I love slow cooker meals too. I need to make them more often. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


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