Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Waking Up The House

Do y'all have a morning routine? I've probably talked about mine before. I love the idea of "waking up the house" by opening blinds, turning on lamps, making coffee, etc. It's just a nice way to start the day. 

I thought I'd take you along with me as I wake up my house today...

The first thing I do is make my bed. Every. Single. Day. 

And no, I don't normally have a tray on my bed like that. Lol! Some of my friends were holding a special hashtag party on Instagram, so I styled it a little more than normal before I posted. :) 

Right about now, Holly hears me stirring around, so she runs to my bedroom, weaves between my legs, and INSISTS I pick her up. She then proceeds to immediately turn over on her back (so I'm cradling her like a baby) and she stuffs her head into my warm neck. Lol! She does this for a few minutes and please note that NOTHING else gets done until she gets her fill of morning snuggles. :)

Sweet baby girl. 

Next, I make my way into the kitchen and start turning on all the lamps...

Ironically, I had to turn the lamps back OFF in order for these pics to come out right, but you get the picture. :) 

Now for the living room lamps...

And finally, I make my way into the dining room to turn on one last lamp...

Holly follows me around as I open the blinds in the kitchen...

And living room...

Then finally, I make my way back to the kitchen to fix my first cup of coffee for the day.

FYI...my beloved Keurig started acting up recently. The screen would just go blank at random times, preventing me from using it. I've had it less than a year, so I called customer service this morning and they're sending me an entire new brewer, just like the one I have, for FREE! Now, THAT'S good customer service! 

Oh, and of course I have to feed Holly breakfast too...

Speaking of breakfast, I wanted to share a little info with y'all. Lots of my friends my age (45) are low in iron. Did you know just one cup of Frosted Mini Wheats cereal contains 90% of your daily iron requirement? Just thought I'd put this out there. Several of my friends started eating it for breakfast every day and within a couple of weeks, their iron levels were back to normal. Okay, that's my PSA for the day. :)

I hope y'all enjoyed tagging along with me on my "wake up my house tour" today! Enjoy your week!



  1. lt sounds like you have a good routine every morning. I don't really wake up my house until I'm awake. Ha Ha. I'm not a morning person so I don't do a lot until I've had my first cup of coffee. I do what I have to such as letting my dog out and feeding him. I can't relax until he's taken care of. I don't make up my bed every day either. I know............bad blogger! I do make it up most days, but sometimes I'm just too busy to do it. In our next house, we will have a master on the main level so I will probably make it up daily because I will see it. Right now my bed is upstairs and out of sight from the main level where we hang out.

  2. Lisa, Unless I am very ill, I want my blinds open and lots of light . My neighbors are so conservative with their power...they rarely have lights on, I mean ever. I bet they think we are so wasteful. I see the TV screen of an evening in one of their windows. I like that your cat is so loving. I also like that you have a lamp in your kitchen on the counter. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Lisa, I wake my house up too..
    First thing, when getting out of bed.. Make it before , I walk off..[it takes 2 minutes --yes I have timed it.ha] Then I head to the living room/kitchen to turn the lamps on..Then time for my diet coke [not a coffee drinker].Then I head to put some laundry in...
    Enjoyed the post.

  4. Great routines! Mine are very similar to yours. I also have to make the bed every day. Can not stop thinking about it until I do. :) How nice they will be sending you a new coffee maker. It is good to know since you don't know how long this new machines are going to last. I don't think I could be without mine for a day. Enjoy your morning! Maria

  5. Count me in with those who have to make their bed first thing every morning. I just can't leave our bedroom without doing it. I guess I just like that feeling of walking back in during the day and seeing it made. Awesome that they're sending you a new coffee maker - our machine is "protesting" with every cup it makes - we expect every cup to be its last. :)

  6. It was fun to hear about your morning routine. My little Yorkie Booger is not a morning dog....he likes to be woke up slowly and catered to. Gracie on the other hand is full speed a head and runs circles around us both!!!! My routine is similar to yours except I am not a coffee drinker.

  7. I wish my mornings were like yours Lisa, mine is usually filled with some chaos with my boy! LOL! Anyway, love your bedsheets! May I ask where they're from?

  8. I have my routine too Lisa. Holly is adorable and love that you have your snuggle time with her each morning. Hugs,

  9. What a cute post, Lisa! Little Miss Holly is so cute! My morning routine is a bit different as I stumble my way to the Keurig, turn my computer on, and let Abby out of her little sleeping quarters. Hubby has taken over the bed-making duties since he retired, because he's always the last one up! After I get my coffee and my mini-wheats, I go to my craftroom and hang out on the computer for awhile. I have a soft down comforter that I drape over my lap, and that's the signal to Abby that she can get in my lap and snuggle. I'm an early riser, and I just love that early morning peace and quiet in the house.

  10. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times! You are such a good cat mommy. Also, how in the world is making your coffee not first on you list? ;-)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks, Luisa! Oh believe me, there are certainly days where the coffee moves to the front of the line. ;)

  11. Lisa, I love your morning routine. I do the same thing...get up (well, I do run to the bathroom right away) make my bed, head to the kitchen, run my coffee through (which I have prepared the night before so it is ready to pour) I have a commercial Bunn and it gets a workout....then I turn the news on and sit facing the bay (I also turn two lamps on- one in the corner of the family room and one in the entry hall). I watch the sun come up from behind our house and light the shore across the bay from us. Or-on a cloudy, foggy morning- I wait to see the other shore appear as it gets light. Crank up my laptop and my day has begun.

    I sure do miss having a kitty in my house......kind of makes me sad to not have one. xo Diana

  12. Hi Lisa,

    Love your morning routine....mine is very similar. Isn't it fun?

    Thanks for popping in and your sweet comment.


    1. Thanks, Barb! I'm such a creature of habit.:) Looking forward to our vignettes on Monday!

  13. Love hearing your routine. Holly reminds me of Layla, except Layla crawls out from under the blankets like a sloth and wants me to rub her tummy like a kitty! I think sometimes she IS part kitty.

    I'm super big on making the bed...I don't think I've ever not. I do it while the coffee is brewing.

    It has be a very gloomy day to turn on lamps...I really love opening blinds and drapes and doors and windows!!

    Great subject! :)

    Jane x

  14. What a neat title for your morning routine! I absolutely have to open blinds and turn on a few lamps as well :) I thought that was so cute how Holly has to have her morning snuggles. She sounds like me with Lily lol. I'm more of a snuggler than she is haha.
    And Wow! That's so awesome about the Keurig customer service! Glad you got that taken care of especially since it's practically new :)

  15. My routine is very much like yours.holly is adorable!

  16. My routine is very much like yours.holly is adorable!

  17. How is making your coffee not #1? :) I turn on my Keurig as I go out the door to walk Forrester. Just getting up, putting on some clothes and turning on lights is about all I can do prior to going outside. Once we're back inside, treats for Forrester and brewing the coffee is vital!

    I'm so glad you're getting another coffee maker and yes, excellent customer service! That seems to be rare in today's world.


  18. Your home is lovely and the kitty story is VERY familiar!! My hubster says Princess Posie cat follows me around yelling "hold me, hold me" like a little child. Spoiled.........never :^)
    Kurig was great for you....I'm glad!
    Have a great evening...and blessings to you,

  19. Live these posts Lisa! I love opening the blinds and turning on the lamps as soon as I come downstairs too! Nothing like natural light! And sooo good to know about the cereal...it's my husband's favorite but I'll have to start eating it too! Thanks for sharing!
    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com


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