Sunday, February 22, 2015

King Cake Recipe, Blooms, and Texas Snow

Hello there! Do y'all like King Cake? My youngest son asked me to make a homemade king cake the other day. I wanted a quick and easy recipe, so I googled it and found this one that uses refrigerated crescent rolls and it was SO delicious! The filling is cream cheese and cinnamon. Yum! This was also the first time I made colored sugar with food coloring. I even brought out some Mardi Gras beads for my little photo shoot...

You can click HERE to see the recipe I used (I decided not to use any fruit filling. I liked it with just the cream cheese and cinnamon)  
Did y'all know we had snow the other day? Well, let me show you...

What? You can't see it? Here, come a little closer...

Ha ha! Y' wouldn't believe how excited everyone got when we got this tiny bit of freezing rain the other day! I mean, the local news station broke in to "The Today Show" to bring us this "breaking news." Then at the ten o'clock news that night, they were showing  pics that viewers had sent in of the "snow." So funny! It lasted about 4 minutes before it all melted. :)

Okay, so the other day, I noticed several things blooming in the garden, so I thought I'd snap a few quick pics...

That stuff that looks like tall grass above is actually a blooming type of plant (kind of like society garlic) that will have tons of orange blooms soon. I never can remember what it's called. 

I just love all the pink blooms on the Razzleberry bushes!

A pretty rainbow knockout rose. We're getting ready to prune these, but I wanted to get a pic first.

This is so weird. See that pansy in the pot below? Can you see what else is blooming in there? Yep, it's my shamrock plant from last spring!

I pulled that shamrock plant up last fall when I replaced it with pansies. Somehow, despite pulling out all the roots, the determined little shamrock made a reappearance. :) 

A close up of the razzleberry bushes (also called Chinese Fringe)

This is a shrimp plant...

Even my bridal wreath is blooming already.

This is my pink jasmine vine, which confused me when I purchased it because only the blooms are pink, when they open, they're white. 

It's just bursting at the seams with blooms!

More razzleberry bushes...

One more thing...Alimi Ballard put this on Instagram the other day and it made me laugh...


I'm working on the subway tile reveal post with lots of pretty pics and should have that up mid week. Then hopefully, I'll have the full tutorial up at the end of this week as well. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. You have so many pretty flowers! You are ahead of us a Carolina Jessamine is covered in buds and will have many flowers soon. We are getting ice tonight so my sweet hubby went out and covered it. There's a really pretty dropcloth hanging on the side of our house.

    I have chinese fringe flower too and it's covered in blooms. We call it lorapetalum. At our nursery we discovered that they sell them in tree form to plant in pots. I might do that this year because they are so pretty and easy to grow.

    Your yard always inspires me. :)

  2. Lisa- I am living vicariously through you here and enjoying all those outdoor pictures....except the ones with the snow- I have enough of those already. It is so nice to see something green and blooming for me.
    Can't wait to see your tiling project. xo Diana

  3. I'm jealous of your snow! How fun! I never thought about making a King cake! The ones in the store are yummy but a little too much sprinkles for my families taste. I like the idea of making it myself so I can decide how much sprinkles to add.

  4. I enjoyed looking at all your beautiful flowers...not so much the snow. I'm in NC and we've had enough of the snow. It's gray and cloudy here and not a flower in sight. Thank you LOL

  5. Ok Lisa Yum and Pretty all in one post. The King Cake sounds sooooo good and I am loving seeing the beautiful blooms. I cannot wait for Spring and blooms here in the midwest. We have a ways to go so I will enjoy yours for now. Have a great start to the new week.

  6. I've never made King cake before. Yours turned out so pretty! I'm jealous of what all is blooming in your yard already. It must be a lot warmer there than it is here. I just got back from Tybee Island and things were starting to bloom down there too.

  7. Wow, that Razzleberry bush is just beautiful! From a distance it looked very much like Bougainvillea and we have one almost that exact same color. Crazy that you got snow, although I think you do get colder weather than we do, right? Have you ever tried transplanting a Shamrock? I had a huge one, I'm talking 20" in diameter, & decided to transplant to a bigger pot. When I took it out of the existing pot, it completely fell apart with each clover attached to a small bulb. Kind of freaked me out, thinking that I had killed it; but I just started poking those little bulbs into the soil in the new pot and after about a week, everything looked good again.....whew! That's probably why you have a little "freebie" shamrock coming up in your planter. I've always had them inside & really love how they look and sleep at night. I don't know what it is about them, but Abby attacks them and chomps off every single clover! Maybe it's because they are a grass, and cats love to chew grass or maybe she thinks it's a butterfly that she needs to catch. I would like to try one again and see what happens.

    Even though I grew up in Louisiana, I have never had nor made King Cake! Yours looked delicious!

  8. Your king cake looks delicious!! And the colored sugar makes it look so fun!
    I would of been just as excited to see that small amount of snow too! That's too cool!
    Have a lovely Monday, friend!

  9. Never made King cake before, yours look yum, I was busy helping out with my son's school mardi gras this year. Your garden is already in bloom?! I'm so jealous!!!! And I agree with the chocolate quote, lol!

  10. Oh Lisa, you made me lol!! About your snow! It's something I forget about when you live somewhere where we have all four seasons! I'm hoping for one more good snowfall before spring and will have to post a pic for you on IG! And that King cake looks soooo good!!! I agree about not adding fruit filli! Ad my husband would totally agree with your! Me, not so much! I could eat salad 3X a day ;) Can't wait to see your tile post! And thanks for sharing all your pretty blooms!!
    Kendra @

    1. Isn't our "snow" pitiful? Hee! I'm living vicariously through all your pretty snow pics. :) I sure wish your love of salad would rub off on me. ;) Enjoy your day!

  11. Lisa, I learn so much about plants from you! I see all these plants on my walks, but I don't know the names of them! I love the name Razzleberry! Thanks for sharing all your plants and the names!!!

    1. I'm so glad I could help! I love that name Razzleberry too. Those pretty pink blooms just look like that's what they should be called. :) Enjoy your day!


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