Thursday, January 1, 2015

Around The House

Hello!!! Wow, it seems like it's been forever since I wrote a blog post. I've just been spending tons of time at home with my family while everyone is off for winter break. I don't think I even cooked dinner (other than Christmas dinner) over the last couple of weeks. We just did take out every night and boy, was it nice! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did. It was so relaxing and just about perfect. :)

So, I picked up a few things on sale after Christmas and I thought I'd share them with you. First up is this set of metal canisters...

I just love them! Now I finally have a place to store all those bio-degradable pods for my new Keurig. :) Here are a couple more pics...

tuesday morning metal coffee tea canisters

I got them both for about $10!

I also found these darling little cable knit sweater nesting bowls...

hallmark cable knit sweater bowls

Love the detail and the red on the inside! Not bad for $5. :)

 They go quite well with my cable knit pillows and cable knit mug. ;)

I have to share one of my youngest son's Christmas presents. He somehow found out they made these...

Yep, it's an entire bag of nothing but the marshmallow charms from Lucky Charms cereal. Ha ha! Our dentist is going to LOVE us!!!

The only other thing I recently bought was some windshield wipers for my car, but I'm sure you're not interested in that. :) The dealership where we bought our vehicle sent us a Christmas card with a $25 gift card in it good towards service, parts, apparel, etc. I was needing new windshield wipers anyway, so I put the gift card toward that. Exciting stuff, no? :)

I exercised restraint and waited until a few days after Christmas to take down all my decorations. Usually I'm itching to take everything down bright and early on the 26th. It felt SO good to get back to my everyday decor...

I got out my Fall decor in September, then we went straight to Halloween decor, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, so it's been almost 4 months since I've seen my "normal" decor. I kinda missed it. :)

Well, hopefully I'll get back into a regular habit of blogging soon. I already have one more post lined up that includes a few of my "favorite things" that I can't wait to share with you. I thought instead of doing a big post with a ton of my favorite things, I'd just do more frequent posts that will include a handful of things I've been enjoying lately. Sometimes I wait so long between my favorite things posts, that I forget to include some stuff, so hopefully doing these smaller more frequent posts will help. 

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year and a healthy, happy, and blessed 2015 and beyond!



  1. Happy New Year Lisa!

    I'm going to follow your good example and take advantage of some of the bargains out there. Right now I have $30 in Kohl's cash that expires the 4th. Might go get a new bra or something necessary like that. :)

    Looking forward to much more in 2015!

  2. Happy New Year Lisa. Wishing you great health, happiness and much joy in the coming year and of course lots and lots of sweet inspiration and posts. Looking forward to visiting your sweet blog in 2015.
    Kris :)

  3. I would love to not have to cook dinner every night for a week, that would be a wonderful Christmas gift!!! Those little nesting bowls are sooo cute!!!! I have already taken my Christmas decor down....the day after Christmas!!! LOL
    Happy New Year!!!

  4. You know I didn't think about the fact that it has literally been months since all of us have had "normal" décor. No wonder my house feels so empty right now! LOL! I like the cute canisters you got. I love anything with typography. I spent yesterday taking down my Christmas décor outside and reorganizing and cleaning out our basement storage area. Now, I'll have to make a run to Goodwill to donate a lot of things. My basement area is running over. I just have too much stuff! I still need to make a trip to the consignment store with basic décor items too. Guess I should stay away from shopping for awhile huh? LOL! Hope you're having a great 2015 so far.

  5. I love the canisters! Good for you on staying out of the kitchen, too! I've been trying to save some $$ by not ordering food so we are doing the opposite.

    I am taking my things down today, only because I am having my DIL's baby shower here next Saturday. I really love looking at all the Christmas stuff for as long as possible. I may leave the tree and lights up until next Wednesday when it has to be taken down to the curb for the trash. Awwwww...

    Happy New Year!

    Jane x

  6. Cannot wait to get mine put away, but first I have to actually get home!

    1. I sure hope y'all are home safely by now. The roads were terrible for awhile! It'll feel so good to get all your Christmas stuff put away... you know... so you can start on Valentine's day. ;)

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Happy New Year's to you and your family! I'm glad you are enjoying hanging out with your family. I love having all my family around for the holidays, I don't want them to go back to work and school. I love you coffee canisters, what a great idea to put your used coffee pods in them. I put mine in those plastic salad containers, but your idea is prettier! I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2015!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, sweet J!!! It is SO nice to have everyone home and not be on any kind of schedule for awhile. I love not having to set the alarm, sleeping in, and just relaxing with the family. :) Looking forward to a great 2015!

  8. Loving those tins...great find! Your home looks so refreshed!

    1. Thanks, Luisa! It was really nice to get back to a more clean look after all the Christmas decor. :) Happy Monday!

  9. Happy 2015!!!

    Love your time and the nesting bowls. How funny, the marshmallows only. I am embarrassed to say, my husband would live these!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Hoping your your is super BLESSED!


    1. Thanks, Sherri! I think I'll leave those bowls out all winter. I love anything with that cable knit pattern. :) You know, I tried those marshmallows and they're pretty good as a snack! Ha!

  10. I saw some of these on IG, and I truly love those bowls!


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