Monday, September 15, 2014

Household Tips

Hi there!

I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post! Things have gotten very busy since school started back up. Anyway, I did want to pop in and share a few household tips with you. 

First up, it's prime mosquito season in Texas. I'm telling ya...they're bad right now. I opened my front door the other day and there were about 50 of them just waiting to get inside. Yikes!

I think I shared this product once before, but if you're new here (and dealing with mosquitoes) this will be a life saver...

natural mosquito spray that really works

This is hands down, the BEST mosquito repellent I've ever used! I've never put DEET on my kids. I prefer to use a more natural product (especially when it's something you're spraying all over your skin). Here's a close up of the ingredients:

Even my hubby, who was VERY skeptical, was incredibly impressed. We've been using this stuff for years and it never disappoints. I've purchased it on Amazon, at my local health food store, and at my local grocery store. I think I paid around $12 for the 8 oz. size, but they also have a 4 oz. for about half that price.

Okay, on to a cleaning tip. Y'all have probably heard me say how much I love to clean. Well, that's true, but there's one thing I DON'T look forward to cleaning and that's the shower. Ugh. All that scrubbing is for the birds! I recently started using a combination of a couple of products and the results have been great!

Here's what I'm using...

I spray the Tilex on everything (glass, tile, shower floor, etc.) I let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, then I squirt some Soft Scrub on my scrub brush and start scrubbing. I think the combination of the two along with the bleach in the Soft Scrub is what does the trick.

What do y'all use to clean the shower? I know this sounds weird, but I LOVE trying out new cleaning products! :)

Oh, before I forget, here's one more tip for you. I keep Holly's litter box in the laundry room. I've never had a problem with an odor, but I still obsess about it. I use clumping litter which I think helps a lot because I can scoop the pee and the poo. (sorry for all the potty talk~ha!) And thankfully she's pretty "regular" so I pretty much know she's going to use the litter box right after she eats breakfast, and then again right before we all go to bed. Because of this, it makes it easy to empty the box right after she goes, which (hopefully) eliminates any odors. 

But, having said that, I still continue to worry about any lingering odors. So, here's what I came up with and it's so incredibly simple and inexpensive...

using bounce dryer sheets

Yep...Bounce dryer sheets! I don't actually use them in my dryer, but I got a free sample in the mail the other day and I just kind of tucked one of the sheets beside a basket in the laundry room and my goodness...the whole laundry room smelled wonderful!! 

The fresh scent lingered around for days and it just smelled like freshly laundered linens. :)

In fact, the scent was almost too much, so I cut the sheet in half and that was just about perfect. After I used up my free samples, I bought a 40 count box for around $2 at the grocery store. And bonus... with cutting the sheets in half, the box will now last twice as long! 

Well, that's all my tips for today. Do you have any household tips to share? I'd love to hear them!



  1. Good tips, friend!! I love bounce sheets to freshen things up with! They're so jam packed with fragrance, they're awesome!

  2. Those are some great tips! I know whenever I bring a new box of dryer sheets home, my laundry room always smells better too. For the shower I use the Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner. I like it because it sprays a wide angle foam and does a good job. However, I still have problems with my grout. I have to use Clorox Clean-up for that. If I didn't have tile in all my showers, it would be a lot easier to keep clean! It sounds like you have found a good system that works for you though.

  3. Thanks for sharing the mosquito repellent product ... love that it's Deet-free. For showers I clean with Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena powdered cleanser and liquid cleanser. Love the scent and they're gentle on my hands. We also use a Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner with a homemade refill.Works great!

    1. You're welcome, Carolyn! I've been using that mosquito repellent for over 10 years now. It's good stuff for sure! I didn't know Mrs. Meyers had a powdered cleanser! I'll definitely look for that at the store, thanks!

    2. I find it at HEB or Kroger occasionally and stock up when they do have it. Haven't seen it at Target in the Houston/Katy/Cypress areas. Hope you can try it ... it smells wonderful!

    3. I'll have to check HEB for it. Thanks! I forget how they carry "fancy" cleaners too. :)

  4. Oh boy, do I have a great tip for how I clean my shower -- hubby does it! LOL! He actually uses those products that you use.

  5. My husband suggested sticking a dryer sheet in our bag-less vacuum cleaner. It really helps to freshen up the rooms as we're vacuuming. I definitely need to purchase the mosquito repellent they are so bad here too. I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures so they can go away and I can enjoy my yard again.

  6. I love to clean the house too! The shower...not so much. I'm with Carol, my husband does it and not nearly enough. Love the Bounce idea. The smell of fresh laundry is one of my faves.

  7. Great tips! I use the Magic Eraser in my shower and also to clean my kitchen sink. I never thought to use dryer sheets in my vacuum, I am going to try that!!!

  8. I love trying new cleaning products, too...I go into a daze in the cleaning aisle at the store! Hubby does the shower at the lake, I have Clorox spray for him to use on the walls and floor. Here we have the cleaning ladies and I'm pretty sure she uses Softscrub in the tub and Clorox on the tile (I'm bad about this stuff). I do give my bathrooms a quick clean everyday with Lysol wipes, I do the sinks, faucet and vanity as well as the toilet seat, rim and handle and that little area on the floor in front of it. I also get the ledge around the tub. I know it sounds crazy to do every day but I really think this is the place we pick up the most germs.

    Great idea with the dryer sheets! I put them in our luggage after a trip and then take them out when I pack for the next one...keeps them from smelling musty. I bet if you wet to Pinterest you'd find 1000 uses!

    Keep passing the tips on! :)

    Jane xx

  9. The idea to drop a dryer sheet in the vacuum canister is such a great idea! I currently vacuum up just a tiny bit of Carpet Fresh powder into the empty canister before I store the vac, but the dryer sheet would be less messy and much quicker. Thanks!

    1. I loved Brandi's idea too! Such a smart tip! :)

  10. You always have the best tips. Loved this post and you bet I will be using the dryer sheets. Great idea!

  11. I have to try that insect repellent! I've had failure after failure with the natural stuff, so I still recommend the DEET containing ones for my kids and patients (As long as it's less than 15% DEET). Will try the BOUNCE too!

  12. Thanks for sharing about the insect repellent! I hesitate to use any commercial products due to their ingredients. The West Nile virus has been scary around here.

    Just being very honest ~ I hate cleaning, especially dusting! :) Of course, I'm a fanatic about a clean kitchen and bathroom so of course, I do it. If I had the funds, I'd have someone come clean weekly and I'd spend more time doing fun stuff! I use Bounce sheets for a number of things ~ good stuff.



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