Monday, July 28, 2014

New Throw, Restyled Mantel, and Ladies Home Journal

Hello! Happy Monday! Remember when I got my new chair for the living room and I said I wanted to find a throw to go over it? 

Well, I found one! (I know this isn't the best pic...sorry about that) I picked this one up at Target. It looks kind of brown in these pics, but it's a nice grey color. 

Here's a close up of it...

I just ordered a grey pouf for in here too. I found it on the Walmart website, but they've been out of stock for over a month. I kept checking it every day, and finally they had it in stock again. It should be here Thursday. I'll share a pic when it arrives. 

I restyled my mantel too. I took the candle sticks from the end table and added them up here. I also added a couple of my mom's china plates. She gave me all her wedding china recently and I wanted to display some of it. 

mantel styling

restyled mantel

Here's a close up of the candle sticks. Holly kept jumping on the end table and these would wobble around, and I didn't want them to get broken. I thought they'd be safer on the mantel. 

Here's a closer look at the china. It's called "Wyndcrest" by Lenox.

lenox wyndcrest china

This Chinatown entrance pic used to be on the mantel. I just swapped the candle sticks for this pic. 

This is off the subject, but my hubby was recently in Minnesota on business and he stopped by the Peeps Store in the Mall of America. He picked up these Peeps for me...

bubble gum peeps

Party Cake and Bubble Gum flavors! The bubble gum was my favorite!

Oh, one more any of you subscribe to Ladies Home Journal magazine? Well, you probably know they are no longer publishing their monthly magazine. I think the July issue was the last one to go out to subscribers. I had already paid for my subscription through June of 2015, so I had almost a year left. I just assumed they would let me choose from any of the other magazines Meredith publishes to finish out my remaining (already paid for) issues. 

Wrong. They chose for me. I recently received a "Parents" magazine with a letter from LHJ saying they hoped I would enjoy it as a replacement for LHJ. 

What?!?! Y' boys are in high school and college. I stopped subscribing to Parenting magazines years ago. But, here's the good news...I emailed them and told them my dilemma. They emailed me back and said I could choose another magazine if I wanted. They included the list in the email. It wasn't a huge list, and several wouldn't appeal to me at all, but I did end up choosing "Midwest Living." I've heard good things about it, so I hope I enjoy it. They promptly switched out my Parents subscription for Midwest Living. Which is weird because I live in Texas. :) 

So, if you're a current LHJ subscriber and aren't happy with your replacement magazine, it doesn't hurt to email them and ask. :) They were very willing to help. 



  1. Looks so pretty ( as usual ). Your mantle is so pretty. I love how your displaying some oif your moms china. Things like that are what makes a house a home :-) Thanks for sharing ♥

    Have a super blessed week!!

    1. Thanks, Sherri! I've been looking for a way to display some of my mom's china and when I was restyling the mantel, I thought they'd go perfectly up there. :) Before you know it, we'll be decorating for Fall! Have a blessed week as well!

  2. I love your new throw. I've seen it online and had my eye on it too.

  3. Love the new throw!!! It looks nice and soft, too! You're like me, always re-decorating and moving things around! It's so much fun, right? Would you believe I've never had one of those peeps?! I need to try one! You had me laughing with the Parents magazine! I'm glad everything turned out good though!!

  4. Lisa ... The mantle looks very nice .... I tend to display things symmetrically too and am fond of "balance." Are you enjoying your new chair? It really looks comfy!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I was watching a movie the other night and kept noticing the mantel in certain scenes. I kept pausing it and studying the mantel to figure out why I liked it so much. I finally realized it was very symmetrical and that's what I liked. I immediately rearranged my mantel after watching that movie! Ha! I love my new chair! So glad I picked that one. :)

  5. Your new throw is so looks great draped over your new chair. Your mantle vignette is so pretty too. How special that you have the perfect spot to display a couple of pieces of your mom's china :o) I never knew there was a Peeps store!!!! I only subscribe to one magazine now and am not going to renew it when it expires. Kind of sad....I used to look so forward to it arriving in the mail.

  6. I didn't know that LHJ was no longer publishing a magazine after this month! Wow! Another one bites the dust. I like Midwest Living too. Sometimes, they have some good homes featured and good gardening and cooking sections. I like the new throw you found. Can't wait to see the pouf you ordered too. I always forget to check Walmart's website. They sell a lot of things that aren't available in their store.

  7. I love the new mantel restyle. Isn't it wonderful to have pieces from your mom to display. :) And when you run out of peeps, let me know. ;) I am 45 min from the MOA. I can always mail some down. ;)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I love having my mom's old china. She never used it, so she went ahead and passed it down to me. :) How nice that you're 45 min. from MOA! I bet it's a very popular place during the holidays! My hubby said it was really neat. :)

    2. *giggle* I was just out there last week. I prefer to go during the day, during the week, when it is quiet and not so busy. Yes, it is a zoo around the holidays. I typically don't do my holiday shopping out there. I like to get my shopping done before the craziness of the holiday season. ;)

  8. The throw is beautiful and the mantel...I just love how everything blends so well and works together. The china is gorgeous!

    I was shocked about LHJ. I loved the articles and have been a subscriber for years. In place of it I got Allure. It's all about skincare and make up products but it's a nice switch. I love magazines and have subscriptions to BH&G, Redbook, House Beautiful and Cottage Living. Midwest Living is a good magazine, in fact we found a neat town in Wisconsin that we have visited twice because of an article on it in the magazine. Hope you like it!

    Jane xxx

  9. Love all of your updates - that Target throw is great! I didn't know about LHJ - surprised that it's gone!

  10. Love the throw! Target has some really nice ones. My daughter loves them and I always find a new one for part of her Christmas. The china is beautiful! So nice to display the things we love and special mementoes ~ very homey. I was not aware of LHJ ~ :( I don't subscribe to many magazines these days, just Southern Living (my favorite!), Cooking Light, Food & Wine and BH&G.



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