Friday, November 24, 2017

New Quartz Kitchen Counters!

We finally finished the kitchen makeover! The quartz counters were installed Tuesday (two days before we hosted 10 people for Thanksgiving!) and we couldn't be more pleased! At the last minute, we had to buy a new kitchen faucet because when we removed our old one, it was corroded at the base. I think it was from our hard water. We tried CLR, vinegar, etc. and it didn't come clean. So at 9 o'clock the night before they arrived to install the counters, I went online to Home Depot to try and find a new one. 

We had to get one that was in stock at our local store, obviously. :) Our new farmhouse sink is a Kohler, so I decided to go with them for the faucet too. It was the easiest online shopping experience. I literally pulled up all the Kohler faucets, saw this one and loved it. It was in stock, a reasonable price, and had over 500 five-star reviews. Sold! I texted my hubby the info and he was there bright and early the morning of the installation to pick it up. 

So here's our completed kitchen...

I'm loving that basin rack. It's specially made to fit our sink. 

Truth be told, I'm kinda glad we had to get a new faucet. This one is so much better. It's the "Kohler Sous Pull Down Kitchen Faucet in Stainless." Here's a link: Kohler Sous Pull Down Faucet

The pull down spout is magnetically attached to that little bar. The bar swings all the way around too. Very convenient!

Just a quick note...I updated my HOME TOUR POST to include pics of our "new" kitchen. It's kind of fun to scroll through the Home Tour and see what our house has looked like at different times. :) Click HERE to see the tour through the years. Or just click on the "Click Here For Home Tour" button on the right. This post also has links to just about anything you want to know about our DIY projects, etc. 

short apron farmhouse sink

Here's a link to the farmhouse sink we bought:

So glad we went with the ogee edge...

Our counters are Daltile Polished Quartz in "Riverbank." Just for reference, we have about 60 square feet of counter space. One slab covers almost 60 square feet, depending on how many cuts they have to make, etc. So we bought two slabs. Ours ran about $80 per square foot, installed. 

I think the counters go well with our new stainless appliances. It's so hard to picture everything in your mind when picking out colors, etc. 

I like that it's more neutral now. Lots of whites and greys with a few pops of color...

I moved our other coffee maker over here. Now it's like a full service coffee (and tea) bar. :) 

If you missed it, here's a link to my post where I talk all about the new appliances we purchased: 

And bonus, they had enough quartz left over to redo our guest bathroom counter! I'll do a post later explaining why we needed to replace it. 

You may have noticed in the above pics that we went with the Breville toaster... 

Love all the settings. 

breville lift and look

So that's it for the new counters. Thanks for following along with this little makeover. Your advice was very much appreciated! I feel like we made all these decisions together. :) 



  1. It's very beautiful Lisa! It is hard to figure out what goes together before buying it but you did a great job. So glad you got it all done before Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

  2. It looks beautiful. The lighter countertops really make the space look bigger and brighter! We just had our cabinets installed. The next step will be countertops and paint. I ended up changing all of our appliances except the cooktop to kitchenaid. We had to replace the dishwasher and fridge, but the oven was ok. But to make a long story short, we had to replace that too because of some trim issues. So Kitchenaid oven/microwave too.

  3. They look fantastic! What a difference the lighter color made in the entire room. Loving all your appliances too. I would really love a slide in oven if we remodel.

  4. Lisa it is stunning. I love the counters you picked out. Just gorgeous. Makes your whole kitchen look different. Nice and bright and pretty. I just got that same toaster and love it.
    Love that you had enough counters to do the bathroom too. Everything looks wonderful.

  5. Yay! I know you must be so happy to have your kitchen complete now! I really like the grey and white combo. It's so classic. I have a similar faucet and love it. I know you will enjoy using your kitchen during the holidays now.

  6. Soooooo beautiful!!!! Everything is so light and airy......

  7. Perfect choice, Lisa! It all looks so beautiful. I know it was a long process...and completed just in the knick of time! Enjoy your new space this holiday season. xoxo


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