Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New Family Member...

Introducing Finn...

Isn't he cute? He's our newest family member. My youngest has been asking for a kitten for a long time. I finally gave in and this little guy entered our lives. He was rescued from a kill shelter and we adopted him a couple of weeks ago. 

Holly still isn't too sure about him. There's definitely some hissing and growling going on over here, but she's slowly coming around. She's definitely interested in him. I've been giving her extra hugs and treats, as if she wasn't already spoiled. Ha! She's my baby girl, for sure. 

A few more pics...

The day we brought him home...

Jumping in and out of the pillow shams...

He's so cute and such a sweetie pie. He purrs constantly and loves to be held. And so far, he's being pretty good about not getting into the Christmas tree. :) 



  1. Such a cutie pie! I'm sure they'll be best buds after a while.

  2. Congratulations! Babies are always wonderful...even if Miss Holly isn't so sure yet. ;)

  3. He's so cute! You know I love dogs too but there's nothing cuter than a kitten.

  4. Oh Holly Fin is such a cutie pie. What a sweet little face. I am so glad you rescued him from a kill shelter and are giving him a forever home. I know Holly will come around soon and the two of them will be best buds. What a sweet little guy.

  5. He's a beauty. I adopted an orphaned kitten from my vet 10 years ago. My cat looks identical to Finn. He has the best personality. Orange male cats seem to be the sweetest of all!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I agree...there's just something about orange males. They're always so sweet and loving! All my orange males through the years have proven this true. :)


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