Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Treasure Trove of Deals at Cato

I'm back today with another steals and deals post. I shared this on Instagram this morning, but wanted to post it here too. This time it's all jewelry (well...all jewelry and one'll see what I mean at the bottom of the post) I got to thinking that I needed some more statement necklaces. ;) I didn't want to pay a lot, so my first stop was Cato. 

You can click HERE to see the Cato website. 

Y'all...I cleaned up!!! I got everything in the pic below for $30!!! That's SIX statement necklaces and FOUR pairs of earrings!

Everything was on the clearance rack and ranged from .99 cents to $5.99!

I really wanted to find a navy blue one and a turquoise one and you can see those above and below. 

I love those pink earrings!

Did you notice how this one is a "two in one?" So cute!

I was pretty well stocked up after that Cato run, but I still had $5 in Kohl's cash burning a hole in my pocket. So off to Kohl's I went and here's what I came home with...

Yes, that's The Poky Little Puppy in stuffed animal form! Lol! That was my favorite book as a child and when I saw him for only $5, I had to get him. It'll be so neat to read that story to my future grandchildren one day and have the pup they can play with! :) 

Oh yeah, I also got that little necklace too. With my Kohl's cash, I got both for about $15. 

P.S. I introduced Holly Joaquin to Poky and she was not amused. She actually got up and moved far away from him. Ha!



  1. My SweetCheeks loved that Pokey Little Puppy book, too, and I can't tell you how many times I read it to her. I have never seen a stuffed one though. Those are great looking necklaces. I go back and forth--between wearing jewelry and then not wearing any.
    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  2. You always find the best deals! Glad you found the jewelry you were looking for. It's nice to use up that Kohl's cash before it expires too. I'm bad about forgetting I have it.

  3. I never heard of Little Pokey but he's darn cute! We do not have a Cato around here either but I'll check out the website. You really made a killing. I am in love with the necklace you got at Kohl's. They have some cool stuff and you can't lose with their coupons.

    Jane x

  4. You are the bargain queen!! Jewelry and a Pokey Puppy? Fabulous! :)


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