Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Moving Things Around

After the Easter decor came down, I took a look around and decided to make a few small changes. I don't know why, but I've always arranged things facing toward the middle of a table. Like this...

See how the items are all turned in instead of facing straight out? The candle holder on the left is diagonal. Yeah, that started to bug me. I looked around my home and almost every table had items facing in toward the middle. Why did I always do that? I have no idea. Anyway, this is prob the most boring post ever, but I think it really did make a difference when I turned everything to forward facing. For some weird reason, it has a more "traditional decor" look now. Well, to me it does. :) 

Here are some shots of my new "forward facing" table decor...

My great grandmother illustrated that book and the little trinket bowl was handmade by my son in elementary school. :) 

I used to have an orchid on this bathroom counter. I moved it over by the tub and I like the cleaner look of just my jewelry box and my hubby's valet box. 

I brought my bee vase back out and this potpourri container was in my bathroom where the orchid is now. Did ya follow all that? Hee hee! 

That bee vase was a JoAnn's clearance find for about $6.

I still can't believe how inexpensive these tobacco baskets were. I love how this one looks under my San Fran pics. I really hope to get back to Cali soon.

I also added in a few more books to my decor. I love stacking things on top of books for height and added interest. 

I also brought out this pretty vase my SIL gave me...

Here's a closer look at the Bombay cabinet in the living room. This is where my smaller tobacco basket ended up. :) 

Well, that's it for now. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. It looks great, Lisa and yes, I went through a facing in stage, too. I have no idea why I decided to that, but everything is straight now...but maybe I should just say "for now"! I'm a fickle decorator. ;)

  2. Lisa, It all looks great and I go back and forth between "facing in" and "straight on"...it just depends on the mood and what I am working with. I think "facing in" feels more homey to me sometimes. lol I do like angled things, too, though.

    I like how fresh everything looks for the warmer months there...and that bee vase is really cute.

    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  3. Everything feel like new when you do a little rearranging. I love your table vignettes, especially the way you layer things. And how cool to have the book by your grandmother. A true treasure.

    Sometimes the little things make a great post...you have me looking at my tables now!!!! :)))

    Jane x

  4. You just gave me something to think about. I am going to go around the house now and see if I do facing in or straight. LOL Your home always looks beautiful and I love, love all your accents. xxx Maria

  5. Everything looks beautiful.. Some times, I think we just need change /whether it be big or little..
    You made me take a tour around the house to see if I faced things in or out.lol Mostly Mine are angled.. [so I changed up a few areas. thanks for the notice.smile]
    love the tobacco baskets too.


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