Friday, August 12, 2016

Mint Julep Cup Under $4 and This and That

This post is going to be all over the place with lots of little tidbits, so consider yourself warned. :) Remember when I told y'all about the Whoa Wait Walmart blog and instagram account? Well, I've been faithfully following them ever since and boy, have I gotten some sweet deals! Bethany and Amanda are the people behind the blog and they share lots of unadvertised deals at Walmart almost daily. I've gotten things like $5 tassel necklaces to $5 sunglasses, to this beautiful mint julep cup and I never would have known about any of it if not for their blog. 

Take a look at my new mint julep cup I scored at Walmart for only $3.76. I immediately filled it with some of my blue plumbago blooms. 

Here it is looking pretty with some yellow Esparanza blooms I clipped one morning.

When I saw it pop up on their feed, I HAD to have it. And I've had fun styling it all over my house. Here's a few snaps I shared on Instagram...

Holly checking out the new blooms...

Again with my little photo bomber...

So in other news, I've been wanting to try Bumble and Bumble Straight creme for a long time now. It's a straightening creme you apply to damp hair before blow drying and it's supposed to be a miracle worker for frizzy hair (like mine) The only thing holding me back was the price. It's about $32 for 5 ounces. But, I had some Amazon points, so I used those and only had to pay about $14.

I also ordered a paddle brush (something I've been meaning to do for a long time) I have long hair and keep hearing how good they are for tangles, etc. 

So, here's my verdict. The BB Straight was okay, but honestly, I'm just as happy with my old standby I've used for years...

I hate to say it, but this Suave straightening cream did just as well for me. Maybe it's the texture of my hair or something, but I didn't notice a difference between the two. So for now, I'm sticking with my $2.75 Suave product. The paddle brush however, was a hit! I am very happy with it and I think it was only around $6. 

Since this post is so random, I thought I'd share my new sunnies too. You can't beat a $5 pair of sunglasses at Walmart...

How cute are they? I love them!

My son had a 17th birthday party a couple of weeks ago and one of his friends not only brought him a gift, but one for Holly as well. It was a sweet gesture and let me show you how happy Holly is with her new things...

She loves the crinkly sound her new toys make. 

She's coming up on her 4th birthday, but still has A LOT of kitten left in her. Girl can chase a string or bat around a toy like nobody's business. ;) 

Okay, one last thing. Did y'all know you can order Subway sandwiches online and pick it up in the store? Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I just became privy to this last week. You see, we used to get Subway a lot for dinner, but then it became cumbersome with everyone wanting something entirely different with different toppings, breads, cheeses, etc. The poor soul who picked up dinner that night was stuck with a long and confusing list of orders. Not to mention that it's kind of hard to order four things at one time with usually two different people taking your order while you make your way down the line.

But fear no can now place your order online, pay for it online as well, and then it's magically ready for you to pick up in less than 15 minutes! Oh happy day! Just go to their website HERE and click on "order online" in the upper right hand corner. 

It'll take you through your entire order, letting you click on everything you want to add to your sandwich. Then just enter your credit card info. and it'll be ready when you get there. It was so easy to have everyone build their own on the iPad, then just waltz into the store, grab the bag and go. No waiting in line or anything. You're in and out in seconds. The website also remembers what you order, so if you get the same thing all the time, you can just click on "order this again" and it'll automatically send your order to the store. I love it because I can get my favorite sandwich and it's only 280 calories. 

Y'all may remember me saying how I really don't cook much anymore so it's nice to finally have Subway back on the regular dinner rotation. 

I guess that's all I've got for now. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow, you really found some great bargains! That mint julep cup is adorable. I love a restaurant that lets you order online and then just pick up. We love our CPK for that reason, and also because they have curbside pickup!!! No getting out of the car when it is pouring down rain.

  2. Lisa, I like the cup and your new glasses. So cute. Your cat looks cute with her crinkle noise makers. LOL. Blessings for a great weekend stay cool. xoxo, Susie

  3. You find the best things!! That little cup is sweet and would make a great gift. I'm not too surprised about the Suave win! Their hair products are great.

  4. Great bargains! I love the julep cup! You know, hair products can be so pricey and it seems to be one is purchasing the "name". I do very well with my drug store products! :)


  5. Cute sunglasses for sure! Your kitty is adorable! I haven't seen those toys yet, but if they "crinkle" I know cats do love that sound. Thanx for the Subway tip.....I did not know that! Sure makes it fast and easy! I have a couple of mint julep cups full of flowers around the house too.

  6. PS, I cant figure out my instagram...if you find me and comment and/or follow me, I will follow you back okay? Thanks
    I'm @atdebbisfrontporch

  7. I just wanted to say, again, how much I enjoy your blog! It's so down to earth, fun and uplifting. I can't wait to use the Subway online tip! Fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Marie! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I was so happy when I figured out we can order online at Subway. :)

  8. Such a cute idea for those mint julep cups---I never would have thought!

    I have curly/frizzy hair, too, Lisa. I find using an oil over the bottom ends and then a good spritz of Moroccan hairspray gets me through the humidity. But I will try the product you're using...I'm so big on trying new things. Life is too short!

    I love Subway, too. I get the salad. Never knew you could order everything you wanted on a sandwich in a salad!

    Thanks for your tips!

    Stay cool!


  9. Such a cute cup and great price too!!! Love these posts, Lisa! And we love Subway too (and might be eating it LOTS with being out of our home these next few months) so this is perfect! Thx for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Isn't Subway great? It really would be a good solution for y'all right now. Love how convenient it is!


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