Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dining Room Chandelier Makeover

Hello there! I've been thinking of painting my dining room chandelier for a long time and finally made it happen the other day. 

Here's how it looked before...

And here it is now...

I love how the darker medallion really stands out against the ceiling.

I just love it! All I did was remove the cord cover and shades, then I spray painted the entire thing (chain and all) with Rustoleum Heirloom White. I also spray painted the ceiling medallion Satin Granite, and added clear round bulbs. 

Here's a side by side comparison...

I love the updated version!

Here's the paint I used...

And here are the bulbs I got from Home Depot...

I should have done this years ago! The whole thing only cost me about $12. Not bad, huh? While I had the spray paint out, I did some touch ups on my kitchen barstools and chairs. It has been two years since I painted them (see that post HERE) and they've held up great. They're heavily used on a daily basis, so I was glad it took two years for them to need a touch up. Originally I was going to go for the "distressed look" when they started needing touch ups, but I decided to go ahead and paint them instead. 

Here's how one of them looked after two years of wear and tear...

And after a quick touch up...

Here's a full shot of the dining room with the new and improved chandy...

I was totally inspired by Sonya and her blog At Home With The Barkers. She did a wonderful makeover on her chandy and I knew I had to do the same. 

And in all fairness...I have to admit I was also inspired by the tv series American Gothic. Are y'all watching that? So good! Anyway, the whole reason I started watching it was because of the house in the promos. I simply had to watch to see more of that beautiful house. One of the first things I noticed was this big chandelier with those round bulbs in the main house...

Kinda blurry, but you get the picture. 

Just look at all the trim work in this house...

And this kitchen...

Look at this foyer!!! 

I'm always pausing this show to look (drool) at the house. :) 

That was the final push I needed to get started on this little project. Isn't it funny how shows can inspire us with their decor choices? And how fun would it be to be a set decorator? :)



  1. Just beautiful! Light, bright and fresh! ♡

  2. Love the transformation! Beautiful ♥


  3. Your chandelier makeover turned out great! I like the new lighter color. Your bulbs have a modern retro vibe to them. The round bulbs like that remind me of the 70's.

  4. Lisa it looks fabulous. Great job. I love American Gothic too. That home in the series is gorgeous.
    Have a great day.

  5. Beautiful.. You did a great job. The bulbs are pretty too.


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