Sunday, June 26, 2016

Around The House

Hello there! How is your summer going? Ours is hot. Like, very hot. We've still been getting a little rain here and there which is great for the flowers and grass, so that's good. I've been spending a lot of time indoors binge watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. I've never seen it before, so it's all new to me and I love it!

I don't have much to share lately, but I thought I'd pop in and talk about scaling back in my decor. I go through phases where I want several things displayed on counters, etc. and then I do a total switcheroo and want it more streamlined. Do y'all do that too?

Currently I'm in a more streamlined mode. I removed a few things from my kitchen counters and dining room and it feels so good. Not to mention it's easier to clean with fewer things. :) 

Nothing on the kitchen table but a basket that holds the coasters. 

I still can't have my favorite table runner on the dining room table because of a certain feline who has a predilection for burlap. ;)

This will make you laugh. I've talked before about the fun things you see Living in Space City, but this takes the cake...

It's a mockup of NASA's Orion spacecraft on its way to comicpalooza in downtown Houston. This pic was on the news. So funny to see a spacecraft on the freeway!

Y'all enjoy your day!



  1. Oh yes, clearing sure does make cleaning easier. We saw a real space capsule in the museum of air and space in D.C. it looked too small for grown men. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Lisa, I had to laugh when I saw your picture of the spacecraft. My sister-in-law works for NASA. I'm going to send her your link! I've been trying to declutter, as well. But, it seems that when I take one thing away, another one eventually replaces it! It's a vicious cycle.

    1. How neat that your sister in law works for NASA! It sure is interesting living in Space City. :) And yep, I'm finding that when I take one thing away, another is waiting to replace it. Ha! Maybe I need to refrain from buying more stuff. :)

  3. I go through phases of streamlining too...honestly most people think my house is a little too streamlined.

    We got the Keurig! I've already spent a vacations worth of $$ of the cups. My husband thinks it's wonderful though and he never spends so I'm biting my tongue. :)

  4. I've been in a "less is more" kind of mood for a while now and it feels great! Of course, my teenagers are still operating in a more is more mode. Oh boy!

  5. I've never seen the Gilmore Girls, but no Netflix or Amazon Prime or any of those things either so I guess I won't be watching it anytime soon! I do enjoy a less is more approach to decorating lately as well, I think the more I 'mature' the more I enjoy less to clean (or trip over)LOL! May your week be blessed! Cindy xo

  6. I agree with less is more. I just seem to breathe easier walking into a room that is clutter free. Your house looks lovely. Also the Gilmore girls are on the UP channel if anyone has that on their tv.

  7. Good morning LIsa. I am in the streamline mode too. Less is more. Try and stay cool.

  8. Your house always looks so clean and organized! Glad that you're finding contentment with a "less is more" approach. I agree that it certainly makes a home easier to take care of! That space capsule is pretty funny going down the highway! That is something you won't see around here.

  9. I do the same thing, month, everything is out and easy to grab, and the next month, stowed away. I happen to be married to a person who prefers everything within easy reach! I often get asked, "What's the system this week?" LOL!

    Pretty cool to see such interesting things going down the road!

    Isn't it funny what our little feline babies find interesting? I often find bits of this or that on the floor and have watched Abby scoop things out of containers. The one thing that she will not leave alone are feathers...totally obsessed!

    We are hot here, too, and the humidity has gone up...33% today with 108 temp. We saw lightening last night, but our monsoon season hasn't officially arrived yet...oh, joy! I'm just glad I have fun things to do inside.


  10. Oh my goodness, that space funny!!! Your streamlined look looks so fresh and clean!! I bet it's nice during cleaning time :)

  11. I too.. switch from stream line to stuff on my counters/table, etc. Just a nice change.
    The spacecraft on the freeway...toooo funny. Have a great day and try to stay cool..It is super hot here too. Very humid [as it is there]

  12. Your home looks wonderful! I go thru phases like that too ... Feel there's too much eye candy on horizontal surfaces and scale back. And you're so right about it being easier to clean!

  13. Its all new to me too and i think we are on saeson 4 maybe? Love it. They opened the inn and rory just finished her first year of college. You may be way ahead of me... We watch a few episodes a week


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