Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Little Pillow Switcheroo

I started playing around with my pillows the other day. I love this tufted chair in the living room...

But I've always wanted a lumbar pillow for it. Then I remembered I have a lumbar pillow on the chair in my bedroom... 

It has a little blue in it, which is perfect since I've added a few blue touches to the living room. So I moved it to the living room...

Here's a close up.

Then I added this one to the bedroom chair...

Don't you love how something as simple as a pillow can change up your decor so easily? 

And just because I love it so much, here's another pic of my beloved Mora style clock from Kirklands...

Gosh, I love that thing!

I spotted this cloud with (literally) a silver lining the other day, so I snapped a pic...

Isn't it pretty? 

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Y'all enjoy your day!



  1. Yes pillows make all the difference! I'm really bad about getting things the way I like them and not switching often enough.

  2. Lisa, You made me smile...I call those silver lining too. :) I love those chairs and the pillows go perfectly with them. Your bedding is very pretty also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Your pillows are sooooo great that you can switch them around from room to room too!!! Love your little mora clock :o)

  4. I think that was a great switch. Your pillows looks beautiful in their new spaces.

  5. Your switcharoo looks great in it's new space. The pic you snapped of the cloud is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Looks very nice!! Love the cloud photo too.


  7. That was a nice switch. I'm all about pillow change-ups too! Ha! I must say that last pic is just beautiful!

  8. Oh, I love a good pillow switcheroo!! That lumbar pillow with a touch of blue is perfect for that chair!


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