Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Michael's New Finds and Subway Tile

So, I kept seeing lots of sweet deals at Michael's on IG, so I finally gave in and stopped by there the other day. Boy, did they deliver!

I got all this for around $20...

Everything was already 40% off and I was able to use a 20% off entire purchase mobile coupon on top of that. I think I mentioned before that I want my hubby to build a small bookcase for me in the living room. The bookcase is next on our to do list. My goal of this shopping trip was to find a few things to decorate it with. I wanted some farmhouse style things, boxes, and baskets and would you believe that's exactly what I found?! 

I love this weathered crate...

My hubby actually saw this crown box and showed it to me, thinking I would like it. I seem to have an affinity for all things crown related (I even have a couple in my mouth!-ha!) so of course I loved it. He found it in the dollar bins, but when the cashier rang it up, it was a mere FIFTEEN CENTS!!!

I can't tell you how much I love this metal bucket...

michael's farmhouse collection

The twisted metal handles were my favorite part.

I really loved how much texture this basket had, so it hopped into my cart as well. Do you spy Holly sitting on my bed, WHERE SHE'S NOT ALLOWED? Lol!

Another thing I kept seeing all over IG was a slew of cute Valentine's Day decor from Target's Dollar Spot. Well, my Target didn't get the memo or something, because they STILL don't have any of the cute things I saw on IG. Although I did happen to snag this cute metal vase there.

I'm guessing it was in the Valentine bins because the handles remotely resemble hearts? I plan on keeping it out year round though. Maybe I'll use it to style my new bookcase. :)

So, in other exciting news, we've finally started to replace our kitchen backsplash with subway tile! This is the current state my kitchen is in...

diy backsplash

Actually, I was able to move everything back on the counters after this pic was taken. We started the demo on the old backsplash yesterday. See that whole area above? I was able to remove all that tile by myself in less than ten minutes! #superwoman. :)

My hubby had to go back to work today, so we'll continue the renovation on Friday when he's off again. At first, we thought we might have to replace the sheetrock because when we removed the first few tiles, there was A LOT of adhesive residue left on the walls. We just couldn't imagine scraping all that off and thought it might be easier to just replace those sections of sheetrock. Thankfully, we figured out a way to remove the tiles and smooth out the surface without too much trouble or elbow grease. 

We were able to remove all the tiles, save for a few directly behind the stove. I didn't want to mess with moving the stove and being without it quite yet. So, Friday we should just have those few tiles to remove and then we can start the installation of the subway tiles. I'm sure I'll provide a few updates on IG throughout the weekend. 

We actually removed the existing tiles, smoothed the surface, and filled a few holes in about 4-5 hours, so it wasn't nearly as bad as we anticipated. As usual, I'm taking pics the whole way through and will provide a full tutorial when we're done. :)



  1. You know, we have a Michael's and I just never go there. It helps me to see the cute things others find there though. I'm heading out to Tuesday Morning today because I got an email from them with some really cute Easter goodies.

    Your kitchen just gets prettier and prettier. The subway tile will be perfect! You and your hubby are to be commended.

  2. You found some wonderful goodies....love the little box with the crown!!!! I can't believe you were able to get the old tile off the back splash with such minimal damage!!! You must share your secret of how you accomplished it. Can't wait to see the subway tile :o)

  3. Lots of great finds there! And good luck with the backsplash job - looking forward to seeing it!

  4. I love your new finds from Michaels. You always find the best deals! I'm soooo excited to see your new subway tile backsplash when it's done. I'd love to do ours after we complete our bathroom. I'll be sure to show my husband yours too when its done. I'm glad to hear that your old tile came off easily. I think that part scares us too.

  5. These are really cute things from Michaels...I love the little crate. I can't wait to see the bookshelf and the new subways tiles. That's a lot of work but I know you are saving a bundle! Good for you!

    Jane xx

  6. As usual, you found the cutest things at Target, Lisa! Love the weathered crate. I was there a few days ago and didn't see anything in the $ bin that would fit my style.....bummer :( ! Good luck with your tile work. The Man and I have worked on both the backsplash tile and floor tile......not easy but so rewarding when it's finished.

  7. Beautiful finds, Lisa. What a great deal! Can NOT wait to see your new backsplash! :)

  8. You scored some pretty stuff at Michaels, Lisa! I love that weathered crate too... and the bucket too!! They'll be so pretty on a bookshelf!! I'm so excited about your tile.... can't wait to see! Our tile backsplash is very dark in our kitchen (but fairly new!) and I want to paint it white sooo bad!! A little more begging and maybe I'll have my husband convinced ;) Have a wonderful rest of the week, Lisa!! And hope your renos go well on Fri!
    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I really do think I need to just start visiting Michael's weekly, so I don't miss out on anything. :) I didn't know you could paint your backsplash. I hope you can convince your hubby to do it, because I'd love to see! Happy Valentine's day!

  9. I really like when you show your shopping finds. You always find good things. I am looking forward to seeing your project of the new subway tiles. It is great that you and your husband work on projects together. I hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I just couldn't keep all those shopping finds to myself. :) These subway tiles are about to get the best of us. Lol! There have been quite a few difficult cuts we've had to make around outlets, etc. Hopefully we'll be finished this weekend. Enjoy your evening!

  10. Hi Lisa, visiting from your feature at Junk Chic Cottage. Sounds like we have a lot in common, especially your love of sweet deals and DIYing with your husband. I look forward to following you...and I need to figure out how to add a Home Tour Button on my blog. I'm checking yours out next.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. Thank you for visiting, Marie! I really do enjoy all the diy projects. We've saved a bundle through the years by doing things ourselves. :) Now if we can just finish up this subway tile project. It's taken a little longer than expected. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. You got some awesome things at Michael's!!! Loving the metal buckrt and crate...they go so perfect together too! I can't wait to see your subway tile! And you go girl for taking down the tile yourself!


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