Monday, February 16, 2015

A Fixer Upper Inspired Project

Happy Monday! We finished up installing the subway tile yesterday and now we just need to grout it and then wait a few days and seal the grout. Hopefully I can share everything with you soon. I will say though, it's been a little more difficult than we thought, but well worth it. :)

So, do y'all watch "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines? It's on HGTV and they just started the second season. My hubby and I love this show! It's basically about a different couple each week who find a "fixer upper" house and Chip and Joanna work their magic and turn it into a beautiful place to live. 

I'm constantly inspired by that show (hence our recent subway tile addition in the kitchen) 

Here's my latest Fixer Upper inspired project...

Here's how it came about. I was watching an old episode of Fixer Upper the other day and paused my tv when I saw this in the background of one of the houses Joanna decorated...

I immediately knew I wanted to re-create it for my home. I was trying to figure out what materials to use, and that's when I remembered something that my friend Selene at Restoration Beauty just created. 

She made a darling earring holder using a lot of the same materials. Click HERE to see her post.

Here's my materials...

diy boxwood wreath

I had not heard of "hardware cloth" before reading Selene's post, but now my mind is swimming with ideas of different things to make with it. This roll was just under $7 at Home Depot.

I bought this two pack of grapevine wreaths at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. I only used one for this project, so now I have an extra.

And I picked up a couple of boxwood sprigs for $3.99 each. (although I only used one for this project)

I began by snipping little sprigs of boxwood and hot gluing them onto the wreath. 

I just worked my way around in a circle until I felt like I had enough on the wreath.

Then I cut the hardware cloth (use gloves, it's sharp!) to fit inside the back of my frame. And yes, you can see that I ended up choosing a different frame than the one in the first pic. You see the back of the frame which is still brown, but I painted the front grey. 

using hardware cloth in decor

I found the easiest way to attach it was to use hot glue all the way around the edges. 

Then I just flipped it over and attached my wreath with some burlap ribbon I already had on hand. I used hot glue to secure the ribbon to the top of the frame and so far, it's held up great. 

boxwood wreath

So what about you? Do you watch Fixer Upper? Have you been inspired by any of their projects?


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  1. I love Fixer-Upper. I think it is about my favorite show on HGTV. Your project turned out really good.


  2. I do not watch that show. I am a fan of the older HGTV. I do love your project. Very nice!

    Have a happy week...

  3. I have not watched that show, Lisa. I got so burnt out on all the "bad" HGTV shows that I kind of gave up on it. I will look for this show now. Love your project. I also love that you used subway tile. I told MyHero yesterday that the next kitchen I do for myself I am using subway tile and white marble countertops. lol xo Diana

  4. I love that show.....your project turned out so great! The little wreath with burlap bow is the perfect touch too.

  5. Yes I watch that show and have not missed an episode! I recognized that wall vignette immediately. It was used in their carpenters new home. You are so clever to come up with a way to recreate that look for your own home. I have something of my own,copied from that show, that I will be sharing on my blog soon.

  6. I just love how this turned out for you friend!! It's so pretty! I want to make something similar with all the hardware cloth I have left over, it's just so lovely!

  7. Hi Lisa,
    I love Chip and Joanna. One of the best shows ever. Just love her style. Makes me want to move to Waco and find a cute fixer upper with them!!! Love your cute project. It came out so nice. Have a great week my friend.

  8. Joanna has THE best ideas and she just seems like such a nice, genuine person. Love your Fixer Upper inspired project - Joanna would be proud :)

  9. I love that show and I love your project! Your frame is just beautiful!

  10. Love your wreath, and I absolutely love that show! :)

    1. Thank you, Dee! I just can't get enough of that show lately! :)

  11. Thanks so much for sharing how you made this darling wreath on the hardware cloth! I was so drawn to the VERY SAME THING when I saw it in the background on a house they had done. You are smart to know how to capture a still photo of it. I am pinning your project because I definitely want to copy your copy! I saw your post over at the new "Share Your Style " blog party.

  12. The subway tile looks gorgeous, Lisa! I've never watched that show but have seen it advertised. Your project is so cool! I didn't know about hardware cloth, but now I'm intrigued.

  13. I fell in love with those when I saw them on fixer upper and put them on my to do list also. I love the way yours turned out.
    Have a great day.

  14. I love what you did with the frame and the fact that it is taken from something Joanna does. They are two of my most favorite people on TV and the show is wonderful. They are so cute together. Your project turned out beautifully..Happy Thursday..Judy

  15. Inspiration galore in Fixer Upper. Love the show and the interaction between JoJo and Chip. Your project turned out lovely.

  16. That is so cute, thanks for the directions!

  17. I love this project Lisa and I have to say...I like yours better! Don't tell Jojo. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Luisa! Ha ha! Don't worry...I won't say a word to Jojo. ;) You're so sweet! Hope you have a great week!


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