Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Insta Pics

Have I ever told y'all how early my son starts school? It's ridiculously early. Let me just say we get to watch the sunrise together every morning on the way to school. :) Anyway, their teachers let them bring Starbucks into class and my son wanted to stop and get a coffee before school. Before school. That means before the sun even comes up. Ugh. But, being the fantastic mom I am, I got up extra early so we would have time to go through the drive thru before school. ;) We have a ton of Starbucks close to our house, but I knew they'd be busy in the morning, so we left about 25 minutes early. It's a good thing we did because there were 6 cars ahead of us in the drive thru. I sure hope he enjoyed having coffee in 1st period because I don't know when I'll be up for that again. Ha! 

Anyway, I'm back today sharing some more Instagram pics. :) 

Oh y'all...you know I'm terrified of frogs, right? Like, I should get professional help, it's THAT bad. :) I literally can't even touch a stuffed animal frog. It grosses me out. Someone asked me the other day what my fears are, and I said: "Frogs, roller coasters, the dentist, and camping." Yes...I can't imagine going camping in a tent, outside, in the elements, etc. Scary stuff. Plus, there might be frogs out there. :)

Well, I went out to bring in our recycle bin the other day and as I was walking back up the driveway, I spotted this little guy in our water meter lid. 

He's actually reaching out for help! :) I thought he was dead because he wasn't moving. I really thought he got stuck inside the meter and was trying to crawl out and starved to death. I thought his hand was all stiff like rigor had set in. :) Well, I was not about to go near him. I just thought I'd wait until my son got home and have him check out the situation. 

When my son got home, he very carefully lifted the lid and the frog started wiggling around. He was alive! The poor dear was hanging by his neck. It looked like he was inside the water meter and was trying to get out and got stuck. Eeeewwww! It was so gross for me to watch my son try to free him. His head was stuck in the hole, and his little body and legs were dangling. Yuck!

My son finally got a pencil with a big soft eraser and tried to gently push him back down. We figured it would be easier to push his head back down out of that hole, rather than try to get his whole big fat frog body up through the hole. Well...as my son was trying to push him back down, the frog freaked out and somehow squished his whole body UP through that tiny hole that his head was in! Ugh! 

As we quickly tried to put the cover back on the meter, the stupid gross frog promptly jumped right back in the hole where the meter is and disappeared under water. (it was raining, so it was pretty wet down there) We just left the lid kind of askew so he could jump back out if he wanted. Stupid frog. Oh, and you can bet your bottom dollar we threw that pencil away! Ha!

This is one of my favorite ornaments. My oldest made this gingerbread man in his kindergarten class. The next year, my youngest (who was one year old at the time) promptly walked up to the tree and ate the leg! I guess it looked pretty real to him. Or maybe he was just hungry. Anyway, this all resulted in me contacting poison control, but thankfully he was fine and all was well. :) 

You can see how we've also had to hot glue some other parts back on through the years. :) 

I almost hate to admit this, but I get so excited about getting new kitchen towels! Oh the joy! I absolutely love to get new cleaning supplies or linens. I know...weird. :)

There's my sweet baby Holly cat. :) We got her a year ago on December 10th. I can't believe she's been with our family a whole year! My boys make fun of me because I'm always talking baby talk to Holly. I say things like "Oh, there's mama's little schmoopy sweet, pretty whisker face princess who's so pretty she ought to have a crown!" LOL!

And yes, she's sitting ON a present under the tree. :)

This is my son's backpack on the scale. 19 POUNDS, y'all! I couldn't believe how heavy his backpack was! Thankfully, his school just ordered tablet computers for all the kids. It'll be so nice because they will be able to access all their textbooks on the tablet and won't have to carry books anymore. 

How neat that they can just carry around a tablet instead of 6 or 7 huge books. Wish they had that when I was in school. 

I have to brag on my son just a little...when his school decided to get these tablets, they chose a few kids who were tech savvy to be "tablet leaders." My son was chosen as one of these kids. :) He was able to get his tablet a couple of months before everyone else. That way, they could send him to a training class and he had a little while to get familiar with using it. Then, when the rest of the school receives their tablets after the holidays, my son will be one of the leaders that will help train all the kids on how to use it. Pretty neat, huh? :)

And speaking of tech things...my hubby brought these home from Target the other day...

I finally got an iPad!! I'm the last one in my family to get one. :) My hubby also picked up these straws for me at Target's dollar spot. Gosh, he knows me well! I was almost as excited about the straws as my iPad! Ha!

We tried to get an iPad at Target on Thanksgiving night. (Normally, we NEVER go shopping on Thanksgiving or black Friday, but they were offering a $100 gift card if you purchased an iPad.) Well, by the time my hubby got there, they were sold out. We held out because I just knew they'd offer another gift card deal, and they did! Just a couple of weeks later, they were offering a $30 gift card with iPad purchase. Not as good as the $100 one, but still. They also had the iPad on sale for $20 off the regular price, so that was nice too. :)

Well, that's about all for now. You can follow along on Instagram @texasdecor if you like. :) Y'all have a great day!



  1. I'm not a huge fan of frogs,...they really creep me out too! We have quite a few around our Koi pond and they always manage to scare me at least once a week. Love the story of your son eating the leg off the gingerbread man, so cute!!! Your little kitty Holly looks so precious snuggled up the package. under your tree!!!!!!!! I know you must be so proud of your son for being a leader in his class. I wish I had a tech savvy son to help me with all my computer problems since things seem to get more and more complicated every day. Those paper straws are so fun...what a sweet hubby you have :o)

  2. That frog picture cracks me up! The gingerbread cookie too...
    You have some pretty funny stories!

    1. That was such an odd thing that happened with that frog! Still grosses me out to think about it. LOL! Thanks for visiting!

  3. That really is a creepy looking frog! I was never grossed out about much when the kids were young...I would hold their frogs or hook their worm, leech or minnow on their fishing pole. I was the one to kill spiders and big bugs, put baby birds back in the nest...you get it. Why I'm more squeamish now, I don't know!

    I'm happy for you with the IPad. Everyone says I would love one, but I'm not sure what I need it for if I have my phone and laptop. What will you use yours for?


  4. The frog story cracks me up! I actually think he is adorable. You wouldn't want to come to my house. My boys catch big ol' toads all the time! What is gross is the toads get scared and pea all over them! lol!


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