Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Wrapping, Christmas Cards, and a Sneak Peek

Hello again! Have y'all wrapped your gifts yet? I'm slowly getting it done. I wanted to share my favorite wrapping paper with you today.

I got this paper from Hob Lob. It's really thick and comes in so many pretty patterns.

What I love about it is that it has these little grid patterns on the back. It makes it so much easier to cut a straight line. 

Here are a couple of gifts I just wrapped. I always use wired ribbon when wrapping gifts. It makes it easy to curl the edges. :)

I'm in love with these tags from Michael's. I just adore a pretty tag!

I don't know if you can tell in this pic, but they're almost 3-D looking. 
fancy christmas gift tags

As soon as the Christmas cards started arriving in the mail, I knew I better hurry up and decide where I was going to keep them. I usually put them in a little Christmas box on the kitchen buffet, but I wanted something different this year. 

dollar tree wall pocket

I used this little wall pocket basket from Dollar Tree and tied some ribbon on the handle. So simple and easy. 

How do y'all display your cards? Do you have any neat gift wrapping tips? Come back Friday when I'll be sharing my Christmas tablescape. Here's a little sneak peek...

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  1. I love the gift wrap especially in the green! I like it when the grid is on the back side of the paper too since I seem to always cut the paper crooked otherwise. LOL!!!!! Your little basket for Christmas cards is a great idea. Mine are just laid on the table......

  2. I think Hobby Lobby has the best selection of gift wrap. You found some good ones. I love the tags too. I agree it makes a gift so much prettier when all of those details have been added.

  3. The wrapping paper - beautiful - I wish we had a Hobby Lobby near us.
    The wall basket - too cute.
    The stockings at each place setting - I am going to copy this idea for my table on Christmas Eve.

  4. I was at Hobby Lobby when they were stocking the gift wrap last month and I wanted to go back...ended up taking the easy way out and getting it at Walgreens, Target and my grocery store. I remember Hallmark used to have the grid on the back of their paper but it was so expensive!! I love what you have and those bows are too cute!

    What a great idea for the Christmas cards! If I didn't have something already I'd definitely do this! :)


  5. That's really pretty paper, Lisa! You probably could use it all year long for other gifts. I bought a few rolls of paper at either Sam's Club or Costco several years ago -- they have the giant rolls with yards and yards. At the time, all of our grandchildren were little which means that most of the gifts were big. I'm still using a couple of rolls of that paper and will probably have it for a couple more years -- as the kiddos get older, the gifts get! I also bought a couple of giant rolls of wired ribbon and just used up one of those rolls this year. I bought a pretty blue wired ribbon at Costco last year after Christmas to use on presents throughout the year. I have a large roll of plain white paper that I bought at Michael's a few years ago, and that is my go-to paper for every-day gifts throughout the year. Unless I find something really cute at the Dollar Tree for one of the little ones. I also bought this huge assortment of Christmas gift tags at Costco a few years ago (super cute & 3D), and I'm still using those. We are kind of frugal about Christmas presents. We only buy one (or make) gift for each of the grands, give the adult kids a goodie plate, & The Man and I give each other one thing or sometimes a shared gift. It's pretty sparse-looking under our!


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