Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Backyard-Early Spring Pics

Well, it's early Spring here and my garden is slowly starting to perk back up. It's definitely shorts and tank top weather and I can hear the ice cream truck going down the street as I type this. Today I'm sharing some pics of my backyard. The grass isn't green yet, but hopefully after a few more weeks it will be. I showed a few of these pics on Instagram this weekend. You can find me at chels70. Be sure to check back later this week when I'll be sharing my favorite product for weed control. :) I practically don't have to pull weeds all summer!

This is a pink jasmine. The flowers are pink when they start to bud, but they're white after they open. It smells so good!

That's my bridal wreath on the right. That's Elvis and Priscilla on the bottom left. :)

Here's a closer shot of the bridal wreath. It'll bloom for about 6 weeks from March through April.

On either side of the arbor are my bottle brush trees. I'll have to take another pic when they're in full bloom in a couple of weeks. Behind the arbor in the corner is a butterfly bush. In a couple of months it'll be taller than the fence. 

Here's some more bottle brush trees. That plant to the right of the bottle brush trees is a shrimp plant. 

And here's a close up of the butterfly bush. In front of it is a couple of chinese fringe plants. They are purple in the winter and green in the summer. 

Here are some of my knock out roses. We just pruned everything back here a couple of weeks ago. I love how easy knock out roses are. 

Here are a couple of crepe myrtles. Behind them you can see the english ivy growing up the fence. I originally had the ivy inside the house in a little four inch pot. It kept wilting, so my husband literally just plunked it out here to see what it would do and it really took off! 

I just planted this geranium and zinnia. 

I also just planted these petunias. I'm not sure how long they'll be able to take the heat though.  I have great expectations of cooking with that rosemary on the table too. We'll see how that pans out. Ha!

Here's a shot of the patio.

Well, that's it! Don't forget to come back to see my post on weed control later this week. I hate pulling weeds and finally found something that works like a charm. :)


  1. I love your backyard post - it is inspiring me! thanks for all the information you give us

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your visit to my blog! I'm currently working on the post about weed control. Hope to have it up today. :)

  2. Great patio! Love the Bridal Wreath. So pretty. It won't be long until everything is green.

  3. That's my kind of yard! I love geraniums the best of all annuals. Also love that spirea! Wish I had room for one. Our yard here is kind of small.


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