Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easy, Inexpensive St. Pat's Decor

These are really simple, inexpensive ideas for St. Pat's decor. First up, I'll show you the supplies I used.

Window Clings: Dollar Tree $1
Shamrocks (10 in a bag): Dollar Tree $1
Mini Clothespins: Hob Lob $2.99 (even cheaper if you use a 40% off coupon)
Natural Jute: Hob Lob $3.29 (even cheaper if you use a 40% off coupon)


I simply attached the shamrocks to a piece of twine with the mini clothespins to make a garland for my mantle. Couldn't be easier!

I also simply taped one of the shamrocks to a plate for an easy (temporary) decoration.

Next, I placed some window clings on a plate. So easy it's almost embarrassing. : )

The window clings come right off when the holiday is over. I just store them between the plastic sheets they came in. See how easy they come off?

Here's some pics of the finished products.

Here's a close up of the garland. That little plastic shamrock plate also came from Dollar Tree.

And that's it! I'm trying to get a home tour up soon. Next, I'll post about my Easter decor. Thanks for visiting! I'm joining 320 sycamore blog for the "Under $10 in under 1 hour" party. 


  1. Genius! Love the idea of using the window clings on the plates! And your fireplace mantle looks a little like mine! ;)


    1. Thanks, Tania! And you're right...our mantles do look a lot alike! :)

  2. I love dollar store crafts, especially simple ones like this. Thanks for joining the party~happy weekend!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I was glad to join the party! I used to love your "Favorite Things" parties too. I've discovered all kinds of great products through that party. I've been wearing Wet n Wild Brandy Wine lip liner every day since! :)


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