Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dylan's New Apartment and a Glass Nail File

We had such a fun time when we took a little trip to visit Dylan last weekend. I thought I'd share this pic of his kitchen...

I was so impressed with how clean his place is! I love the dark cabinets, granite counters and grey wood floors. 

He ordered these cool coasters. Each one has the shape of a different race track on it! 

gifts for racing fans

We tried a new Mexican restaurant for lunch and loved it! Those quesadillas were huge! I got 3 meals out of them. :) 

My HEB didn't have these new cookies in stock, but thankfully we pass a million HEB stores on the way to Dylan's and I finally got my hands on the new cherry almond cookies...

And no mini road trip is complete without a stop at Buc-ee's for kolaches and chewy pralines...


 I had to share this glass nail file I got. It's amazing and they are supposed to last forever. Glass nail files are a new thing for me and I'm so impressed with how well they work. I love this brand because they have cute little sayings on them. I picked "books and coffee" because that is my life, lol! 

glass nail file review

I'll be stuck at the house today, awaiting a couple of deliveries. Lip Smackers and a new cookware set, if you're interested, lol! Have you tried to buy new pots and pans lately? It's so confusing with all the different choices out there. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Lisa, you trained him well!! Wow, that's clean. And I have glass nail files, too. I love them. Unfortunately, so does my whole family. I bought two and I can't find them anywhere. Oh well, maybe I should grab ones like you have!


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