Thursday, November 8, 2018

Around The House

A little of this and a little of that today. 

This is my favorite time of year, weather wise. Everything is still green, but it's cool enough to spend time outdoors. 

A couple of funny Finn pics to make you smile... 

A big stretch...

He literally slept like this for a long time, with his legs hanging over the bed...

I think he's twice the size of Holly now. 

I was so happy to find these holiday counter sprays again this year! 

Mrs. Meyer's Orange Clove and Peppermint Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

I're thinking "Hey Lisa, didn't you stop using Mrs. Meyer's hand soap because it's not technically antibacterial?" Well, yes. But...that only applies to the hand soap. I never said I would stop using the counter spray. ;) I'm still using Softsoap Antibacterial liquid hand soap in the bathrooms and kitchen for hand washing purposes. I also use it to clean my countertops twice a week. But I think it's still okay to use this spray, especially since we never put food directly on the counters. And it smells amazing! It makes my whole kitchen smell good. (click HERE to see my revised cleaning routine if you're confused by all this talk~ha!)

The softsoap dispensers aren't that cute, so I did buy a new one for the kitchen...

It's from World Market and matches my dish soap dispenser. But truth be told, I pour out the stuff that it comes with and immediately refill it with Dawn for dish soap and Softsoap antibacterial for the hand soap. I guess I need to buy one for the bathrooms too. 

Forgot to mention in my New Tea Kettle Post that I also snagged these cute MacKenzie-Childs napkins on clearance for $2!

I shared this on IG earlier. This is the best holiday coffee I've ever had! It's "Christmas Kiss" from HEB and it tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. If you're not local, you can order it online at

Speaking of HEB, this is my new favorite salad...

Spinach, feta, glazed pecans, sun dried pears, cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Yum! 

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  1. You just reminded me I need to order my MM peppermint stash for the holidays. Finn is so funny. Love the soap dispensers you got.

  2. I know what you mean about the counter sprays. I love the scents, but every few days I go over the counters with an antibac cleaner. I want to get the MM peppermint spray!

  3. Thanks for sharing Lisa. That salad looks so yummy. I've already been to HEB, Kroger & Fiesta this week, but what's one more grocery trip. Hope your loving this chilly, drizzly morning, have a great weekend!

  4. Wow Lisa that salad looks so yummo! I wish I could buy that on line lol! The coffee sounds really good too. My favorite candy at Christmas is chocolate covered cherries. Fin and Holly are so cute together in the picture. Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend. We are getting snow up here in Illinois Ughhhhhhh! Too short of a fall for us.


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