Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dylan Landed His Dream Job!

I just had to pop in this weekend for a little proud mom moment. :) My son Dylan just landed his dream job! 

This is Dylan in Bo-Kaap, South Africa last month.

He'll be putting his BBA in Supply Chain to good use doing procurement for a global company. When he was a senior in college, he said his ultimate dream job would be to work for this particular company and now he has it! I love it when dreams come true! I'll never forget when I got the text from him yesterday that said "I GOT THE JOB!!!" So fun!

He'll have to move because it's too far away for him to drive every day, but we'll easily be able to visit on weekends. I'll soon be busy helping him move and get all set up in his new place, but maybe he'll let me share some pics along the way. 

I'm so happy for him and so very grateful. I just had to share this with y'all. Thanks for listening! 

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!



  1. Congratulations to Dylan, you and your husband. I know your proud mom's heart is overflowing with joy!

  2. Yay! Congratulations to Dylan! Well done! Of course we would all like to see his new digs. A whole new chapter in his young life...

  3. Oh Lisa this is awesome news. I am so happy to read a great and happy story beginning for Dylan.
    He is going to do so much in this world. He is going to make you so proud many times over. Handsome and smart and caring. What a great catch. Just wait soon you will be getting a text saying " I am getting married"., Then "We are having a baby" ok ok I am getting ahead of this lol! I just know he is going to have a great life and will find the right girl and then make you a proud grandmother too. For now it is great he found a great job! Hugs and Happy Sunday.

  4. Lisa, I could not be happier for Dylan! That is amazing. It is always such a blessing when you not only are passionate about what you do, but can also work for a company you love. Congrats to him!!

  5. Congratulations!! That is awesome!

  6. Amazing!! Congratulations!! To you both... ;)


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