Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Few Changes To My Cleaning Routine

So, I recently made a few changes to my cleaning routine. I know...riveting information. ;) But I get a lot of emails about what cleaning products I use, so I always like to keep y'all informed if I discover something new. Or in this case, return to an old favorite. 

You can click HERE to see my updated cleaning post. 

First of all, I switched from Mrs. Meyer's hand soap to this antibacterial hand soap...

I put one of these in each bathroom and the kitchen. We now use this to wash our hands, but also for washing the kitchen counters and bathroom counters. 

I've always used this antibacterial hand soap in the past, but had recently switched to Mrs. Meyer's. But the whole time, it kinda bothered me that Mrs. Meyer's wasn't "officially" labeled as antibacterial and I just feel better knowing we're washing our hands and actually killing germs at the same time. I know there are a lot of opinions on this, but this is what I feel is best for my family. I did a lot of research on soaps and finally decided to go back to this Softsoap one because it's antibacterial, but doesn't contain Triclosan. You really have to read labels too, because within the same brand, there are ones that have it and ones that don't. Sometimes it's just a matter of choosing a different scent to avoid a certain ingredient. Also, if they change the label or box for a "new look" always re-check the ingredients, because a lot of the time, they also change the ingredients. This goes for food too, especially cereal. 

Riveting, right? Lol! Don't say I didn't warn you. ;) So next up, I also switched back to using Clorox wipes to clean the toilet tank, lid, seat and base when doing my weekly cleaning routine...

Just like the hand soap, I used to always use this, but had recently switched to a 50/50 vinegar/water solution. Guess I had it right the first time. Ha! Again, I just feel better knowing I'm killing germs too. I still use the vinegar for spot cleaning the toilet during the week, but use the Clorox wipes for my once a week deep clean. 

The other thing I use is Magic Erasers to clean the shower. I already did a post on these, but wanted to mention them again because they do such a good job. 

I've used both of these and they really do a great job...

I try to stay away from using a lot of chemicals when cleaning, but sometimes you just have to break out stuff like bleach, etc. you know? I mean, I clean my kitchen counters and sink with antibacterial hand soap and water. I dust with microfiber cloths. I clean the bathroom mirrors with Basic H, the bathroom counters and sinks with antibacterial hand soap and water, and use Clorox wipes on the outside of the toilet. I still use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner on the inside of the toilet and Magic Erasers on the showers. I also clean the bathroom floors with my vinegar/water spray and use Bona on my hardwood floors. 

Sometimes after I scrub the shower with a Magic Eraser, I rinse everything, then spray some of this Method Bathroom Cleaner in the shower...

I let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. 

So there you have it. My new/old cleaning routine. I say "old" because obviously I went back to using what worked the first time around. Sometimes you have to play around with things and figure out what works best for you. 

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  1. Hey, I'm old school when it comes to cleaning...I still love a little bleach and sometimes break out the Comet. I love reading cleaning routines...don't know why but it just goes to show we are all living life and trying to do it well. :)

  2. I am a clean freak and love all the tips. Have you tried the Clorox Sentiva Coconut scent cleaners. Oh my it is so wonderful. It comes in wipes, spray cleaner, foaming cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner. I use them all. After you clean your bathroom and kitchen with these it smells so fresh like you are in the tropics. The scent of coconut is so clean smelling. Since you like the Clorox wipes try these next time you buy more. You will love it I promise. Happy Friday.

  3. I am a total cleaner, too and I also only use natural things...lemons, vinegar and the like. However, every now and then you need a little bleach. I love those Clorox lemon wipes. They are super fresh and I don't have to deal with the splash and mix!

  4. I use an anti-bacterial soap, too. I use to use the Bath & Body Works foaming soap and loved it, but they have gotten so ridiculously expensive...I do have a few (from the last time they had a really good sale) in seasonal fragrances that I break out for the guest bath when we have company. I use the clorox or lysol wipes (whichever one Costco is carrying at the time) all the time. I also keep a jug of Clorox in each bathroom and the laundry room...sometimes those whites need a little extra boost!

  5. I'll take your lead, I know that you are so good at reading labels and such. I belong to Grove Collaborative. I get my products delivered each month. I use a lot of the Mrs. Meyers products, and I like that the paper and plastic products are biodegradable. I agree with you that you have to get the big guns out every now and then, particularly in the bathroom (all the time), and around the kitchen sink and where we handle food and groceries.

    Thanks for all your suggestions!!


  6. I, too, like to read others cleaning routines. �� With the grandchildren I’ve switched to lots of natural products. One thing I learned was that using hydrogen peroxide kills the most bacteria so I use that on my kitchen sink and toilet. I got it in a spray bottle at Walmart. ( I saw a bunch of experiments with bleach, Clorox wipes etc and it won) But I take everything I read with a grain of salt because the “experts “ keep changing their minds. �� So to each her own comfort level I say!


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