Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This and That

Are y'all having a good week? I sure am. After a busy week of getting a dental crown replaced and dealing with a temporary one and lots of errands. Then a weekend of replacing our kitchen sink disposer, detailing the car and tons of laundry, I'm now enjoying a few days off with a lot of "me time." I bought a few new books for my Kindle and I plan on reading and drinking coffee for hours on end. Although we had a busy weekend, I did find time to enjoy this little goodie...

Do y'all have a Smallcakes cupcakery near you? If so, I highly recommend the Wedding Cake flavor cupcake. It's an almond flavored cake with almond buttercream. So good! 

My son Logan is enjoying all that SXSW has to offer this week. I'm so jealous! I can't believe it's been a whole year since we all flew to Austin to attend the premiere of his film. If you missed my post about our SXSW experience last year, you can see it HERE What a fun time we had! 

I had to share this pic of Finn's tail. He must be part fox...

 Okay, so I've got a little of everything for you today. 

Do y'all know about Post It Extreme? 

Post It Extreme $4.99 at Target

They're for indoors OR outdoors! It says they work in hot or cold weather, on wet surfaces, wood and brick. They're made of dura-hold paper and a strong adhesive for extra hold in all kinds of conditions and they're water resistant. So neat!

 Here's the description on the Target website:

Remember when I told y'all about the inexpensive pillow covers on Amazon? Well, look at these I found...

Can you believe those prices? They're all 18"x18" and even with shipping, all 6 of these would only be $27! I'm tempted to order them. :) Just search "Christmas pillow covers" or "Easter pillow covers" or whatever holiday you're looking for on Amazon and they'll come up. 

Saw this amazing wallpaper on IG recently...

Can you believe that's wallpaper?! It really looks like stone! Just visit @vaughnhillhome on IG to see more pics. 

This made me laugh... 

 So funny, right? :) 

I also saw this on IG. You can upload a pic of your pet (or a human face) and they'll make it into a charm! 

Doesn't it look just like that cat?

Or how about this cute dog? I mean, the likeness is uncanny! 

It totally made me think of something Jim would do to Dwight on The Office, just to tease him! I can see him getting a charm made of Dwight's face! Lol! Can y'all tell I've been binge watching episodes of The Office? It's almost better the second time around. :) 

You can go to if you're interested in ordering. 

That's all I've got for today. Hope you're having a wonderful week! 



  1. Oh my goodness!!! That wallpaper! I want, I want, I want! I would put that in my kitchen in a heartbeat. Off to peek. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That wallpaper is so cool. I have seen those papers that look like the real thing. We have Small Cakes by us and they do make the best cupcakes ever! When I had my girlfriend party I get the little cupcakes they have. The bite size. Just perfect so you can try many different bites of different flavors. Have a great day. Hugs.

  3. That wallpaper is amazing! I bought some pillows on Amazon for this past Christmas...they were so cute, well made with zippers and all four were around $15. That's an amazing deal! I've never seen those post-it extremes, but it sounds like a pretty good deal. Oh, Finn, you do have a very "foxy" tail...Abby's is skinny, but fluffy or not, they all know how to make the perfect question mark!

    Have a happy one!


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