Monday, January 22, 2018

Coconut Cake Mix and Snow

This has been the coldest winter. We usually never get snow and this year we've already had it THREE times! The first time was on December 8th and it was a pretty good snow. Well, for Houston anyway. :) 

Houston snow 2018

Then we had a little dusting of sleet on January 2nd...

And more sleet and ice on January 16th...

Okay, I know those of you with "real" snow are laughing at those last two pics. Lol! But this is a big deal for us. Our city isn't equipped with the proper trucks or resources to deal with ice and snow. Everything shut down for a few days each time. No school, work, etc. 

I usually love winter, but even I'm ready for warmer temps. Thankfully we're back to the 60's this week. 

I also wanted to share this new-to-me cake mix I picked up the other day...

coconut cake mix
Duncan Hines Coconut Supreme Cake Mix

It was so good! My house smelled delicious while it was baking and the coconut flavor was perfect! I frosted it with whipped cream and it was a big hit. I just noticed this flavor at my local HEB store a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's a new flavor or not, but apparently it's kind of hard to find. Amazon only has it in a 6 pack for $38 (what?!) and there's only one left as of this morning. Walmart is sold out too. I heard there's a lot of people on Facebook trying to find it and they're willing to pay shipping for anyone who can get it to them. I mean, it's good, but I don't know if I'd go to all that trouble to get it. Ha!

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  1. We have had the same crazy weather. Warmed up finally on Sunday, and now the rain is coming in.
    My mother in law always made me a coconut cake if I happened to be in town for my birthday. It was always so good. I know the recipe is in one of her recipe boxes I brought home last year. I'll have to look for it. My youngest can't have coconut as it showed up on her most recent food sensitivity tests :-(
    I love your little bridge in your back yard. I had one as a child and have always wanted another. Might have to get my oldest on it. She is a girl who loves wood and power tools. LOL
    On a side note, how is your mom doing? I bet it is helpful to have her closer to you now.

  2. Yes. I am grinning about the amount of snow you have and the way it affects your town. I have heard the same from my Carolina friends. It takes about a foot of the white stuff here to shut things down. However, when it hits 100 here for three days in a row, people go crazy! It's a heat wave, take cover!! They can't venture out and the news media starts discussing heatstroke and precautionary behavior...and I'm sure you guys have the chuckle then! However, I could use a good heatwave right about now!

  3. We haven't had any snow just a few hours north of you. Isn't that crazy? I'm just ready for spring now.

    Coconut cake and pie are the best!

  4. LOL about the snow. I know it is hard for all of you that are not use to the snow. Up here that is just everyday go about your business even with snow. We are better equipped for the white stuff! That coconut cake looks pretty delish. I will have to look and see if the stores up here carry it. I bet that would be popular at Easter for a nice moist lamb cake. Stay warm and cozy with the snow.

  5. That is a pretty good amount of snow, Lisa! Did you like it? I know it's not so great if you have to drive in it, thankfully we have weather apps now, and can get the weather ahead of time. Still, everything looks better in snow!

    I am definitely going to look for that cake mix. Yum! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. The weather has been crazy in so many places this winter! Even here, we've had temps in the 30's early in the morning and a number of days when it hasn't gotten out of the 60's. You should hear our winter visitors whine about how cold it is! We stand no chance of getting snow here in the valley, but I've loved all the days I get to wear sweaters and boots!

    That cake sounds delicious, but I'm with you....would not go to all that trouble & expense to get it. We are into everything "lemon" here right now. Our Lisbon lemon tree is almost solid yellow with lemons this year. I've got to get to baking!

    Stay warm!


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