Sunday, July 9, 2017

Harbor Freight Pressure Washer ~ $80!

I've got another Harbor Freight deal for you today. We purchased this pressure washer yesterday for only $80 and it did a magnificent job cleaning our patio and wooden bridge in the backyard. 

I wanted to share in case any of you are looking for an affordable pressure washer for household projects. 

Check out these before and after pics...

It was super easy to use and did the job quickly. We found ourselves looking around trying to find more things to clean! Ha!

Here's a link to the one we bought:

It's regularly $99, but we had a coupon to get it for $79.99

I must be on a cleaning kick because this morning I cleaned the washing machine using THIS TUTORIAL. It worked like a charm and now I'm washing all our sheets in some new (to me) detergent...All Free and Clear. It seems to be working great!

Hope you all have a great day! 



  1. Oh yeah, we have a pressure washer and it's wonderful! The difference is amazing when you use it.

  2. Love using our power washer too. Cleans like a charm. Happy New Week.

  3. I use All Free and Clear...for years! I love it. Your power washer did a fab job...and your grass is seriously the greenest I have ever seen!!

  4. What a great deal.....everything is so sparkly clean now :o)

  5. What a difference! I'll definitely show my husband! Ours hardly takes off the cow webs on the siding!

    1. We love this one, Kendra! Can't believe we never owned one before now. :)


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