Sunday, June 18, 2017

Graduation Party 2017

Most of you know my youngest son Logan graduated from high school recently. We are so proud of him and all he's accomplished. Next up, he'll be starting college in the fall. He had a graduation party at the house for all his friends, but we also had a little family get together later in the week. 

For the family party, I went for something simple and easy. I asked him what kind of food he wanted and he said tacos from Taco Bell, chips and salsa from our local Mexican restaurant and an ice cream cake. So that's precisely what we did. :) 

I've used this sign multiple times now for my older son's high school graduation, his college graduation, and now my youngest son's high school graduation. 

Logan's sweet friend recently had a graduation party and used this cute banner. Since our party was right after hers, she offered to let us use her banner too. It worked out perfectly! Thanks, Payton! 

Here's the table before the food arrived. 

I've had those "Congrats Grad" trays for a long time too. Got them on clearance at Joann's. And see the pictures hanging from twine on the frame? Those are all Logan's first day of school pics from Pre-K through his senior year in high school. :) 

I also framed his graduation announcement. See that tablecloth? It's a vinyl one that I keep reusing over and over. :) And I lucked out and found plates and napkins at Walmart that matched my tablecloth and trays I already had. 

We got the 12 pack of tacos from Taco Bell as requested and paired them with some chips and red and green sauce from a local place. 

The yummy ice cream cake...

I made my famous frozen punch too. It's so refreshing and yummy, especially on a hot day. You can click HERE for the recipe.

I found these handy little condiment containers at Walmart. They're disposable and worked perfectly for holding individual servings of salsa. 

And that was our little grad celebration! The graduate then went on to enjoy a much deserved vacation with friends to New Braunfels. They had so much fun floating the river, going to The Island, playing around in Canyon Lake and relaxing all week long. Ah, the life!



  1. Congratulations to your son!! The party food and tables are perfect. I love that you went with Taco Bell as he requested. :)

    1. Wow, time flies doesn't it?? The table and decor is perfect, Lisa and so is the food. I am a huge supporter of giving the crowd what they want...and if that happens to be take out, even better! Congrats to the graduate and mom and dad!!

  2. Congrats Lisa to your son. What a wonderful accomplishment. Time flies when they are growing up. Love how you did the Taco Bell Faves for his party. I bet the kids loved it all.
    Congrats to all of you.

  3. I think it's cool that you had a party for your graduate. Parents didn't do that back in my day or even my children's day. We had the school functions, "The All-Night Party," but that was about it. Oh my gosh, haven't had Taco Bell in ages....sounds like a perfect teen party food!



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