Monday, December 28, 2015

Childhood Memories

After reading my friend Kim's blog post HERE, I was inspired to blog about my own childhood books that recently found their way back to me. My mom found several of these while cleaning her attic and I was thrilled to see them again! 

creative playthings cookbook for mini moppets 1976

I'm pretty sure I received this cookbook along with my play kitchen when I was around 7 or so. I have no idea what a "mini moppet" is, but apparently I was one. Lol! 

Here's a look at the contents. I must have put a purple dot next to the ones I planned on making. :) 

I actually remember these mini pizzas were pretty good. 

Next up is one of my "Me Books" my grandmother gave me. Did any of you have these?

personalized me books
This is my birthday land adventure "me book." 

My grandmother sent off for these. She had to fill out a form with my name, my friends names, my pet's name, the name of the street we lived on, etc. Then they would incorporate all that into the book so it really did seem like it was written especially for me. 

me books 1973

It's basically about an elf who came to my street on my birthday and led me (and all my friends) on a trip to Birthday Land. 

While in Birthday Land, I was given my birthday flower, my birthstone, a cake, etc. There was even a "Days to Christmas Counter Lady" who told me exactly how many days it was from my birthday till Christmas. 

Just look at that description above... now don't you totally want to live in Birthday Land too? :)

Another "Me Book" she bought me was "My Jungle Holiday." It was about a giraffe that came to my street and took me on an adventure to the jungle to meet all kinds of animals. (my book doesn't have the cover anymore, so I couldn't show it)

I loved the Two Too Twins book. I somehow lost my copy over the years, but was able to find this one on and it was only a couple of dollars. It's a great place to start looking if you're trying to track down a rare book. 

I loved their pajamas! We could never find any like these in the stores, so my mom spent countless hours trying to track down similar material to make me some, but we never found any. Truth be told, I still kind of want pj's with stars and moons. ;) 

Another favorite was "Peppermint." 

This one was about a cat named "Candy" who (appropriately) lived in a candy store with Mr. Dobby. Candy had kittens and Mr. Dobby put a sign in his window selling the kittens for .15 cents. 

All the kittens sold except for little Peppermint. Then one day a little girl came into the candy shop crying because she didn't have a kitten. Mr. Dobby gave her Peppermint and of course, it made her day. :) 

Peppermint was very dirty, so Barbara's mom gave her a bath and Peppermint jumped right into a pan of bluing! (whatever that was?)

The children at school were holding a cat show and, spoiler alert, Peppermint won! :) 

The last one is "Good Little Bad Little Girl." 

good little bad little girl golden book

I loved this one so much. Pretty much every time I drew a house, I would color it with the crayola color "brick red" because of this picture. I loved red brick houses and both times we had one built, I chose red brick. 

This book was about two girls. One was very, very good and one was very, very bad. 

And (spoiler alert again) they turned out to be the SAME LITTLE GIRL! Gasp!!! 

One other favorite of mine was a Baby Alive coloring book. I remember one page where the little girl took her Baby Alive with her when they went out to eat. Such a happy little book. Wish I still had it. Actually, I did find an instant download of it on Etsy and I was able to find pictures of all 100 pages through a Google search. You can click HERE to see it if you're interested. Fun times! :) 

Oh, and The Poky Little Puppy...definitely one of my favorites. 

I've saved every single one of my boys books from their childhood. I don't know what it is about books, but they bring back the best memories for me. :) 

Did any of you have these books too? Do you have a favorite from your childhood? Thanks for going down memory lane with me. :)



  1. Lisa, I love this post!! How fun!! Thanks for the shout out, too. I remember those books where your name was inserted into the story. I watched the commercials on TV and always wanted one. My all time favorite book as a kid was The Bears' Vacation. I used to read it over and over and look at the pictures forever...

  2. Lisa, I loved seeing your little books. If you ever get your PJ's show us a photo. LOL. My girls were always readers. Kathy even join the weekly reader book club and would get a new book every month or six weeks. It would cost around 1.50- 2.00 ...a lot of money for us sometimes. I saved her books and gave them to her when she married...I need to see whatever she did with them. Blessings to you sweet girl, xoxo,Susie

  3. It's great that your mom saved those books for you all this time! I don't have any of mine anymore. I remember having a Baby Alive doll. I loved dolls! I remember going to the book fair at school too. I always loved getting to pick new books out.

  4. Lisa, what a wonderful collection of books and memories. My mom also has many of our favorite books and toys from when we were little. One of these days I will have to ship everything back to the States. Wonderful memories! xxx Maria

  5. Lisa,
    You have a great collection of books. Ahhhh the memories of fun books like these. Happy New Year.

  6. How great that your mom still had so many of the books that you loved as a child!!!! I would want PJ's just like that cute! I don't have any of the books I read as a child. My mom had a daycare so I never had any of my own.
    Happy New Year!!!

  7. Adorable! And such nice memories - be sure to give your mom an extra hug! Sweet!

  8. Oh I love this post, Lisa!! I think it's so awesome your Mom kept all these books for you! Little Golden Books are Lily's favorite and she has quite a collection of them and we also enjoy Poky Little Puppy.
    I laughed out loud at the title Good Little Bad Little Girl and would have no idea it was the same girl had you not said anything lol. Makes sense though. MOst of the time Lily is that good little girl but oh man when she chooses otherwise, it's like...WHO ARE YOU KID???
    Thanks for sharing something as special as this with us!


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