Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Few More Favorites From the Loreal Infallible Line and Two Recipes

I recently shared some of my new favorite makeup from the Loreal Infallible line. You can see that post HERE

The Infallible makeup did so well in our heat and humidity, I wanted to try their eyeliner and lip color too and I wasn't disappointed! 

I bought the Infallible Pro Last Lip Color and the Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner

loreal infallible eyeliner

The lip color looks like this...

The lip color is on one end and the clear balm is on the other. You first apply the color, let it dry for two minutes, then apply the balm. They claim it lasts for 24 hours and I agree!!! I applied it early in the morning and I think I reapplied the clear balm a few times during the day, just to keep my lips moisturized. 

I ate three meals, sipped soda from a can (I know...SO ladylike, right? Hee hee!) drank coffee, etc. and it stayed on really well.

At the end of the day, I tried to wipe the color off and it didn't budge. I then tried to remove it with Vasaline, and again, it didn't move. So, I tried removing it with two different soaps in the shower and once more, it stayed put. The color dulled a bit, but was definitely still there. I finally gave up and went to bed. When I awoke in the morning, there was still a little color on my lips!

What I liked about it (besides the staying power) was that the color didn't transfer. It didn't come off on my coffee cup or on my pillow at night. Definitely a thumbs up from me! 

Next up, I tried the eyeliner...

Here's what the packaging looks like...

They claim it lasts 16 hours, and I have to agree. Keep in mind that's really saying something in our triple digit heat and humidity. :) I walked all around my son's college campus for two hours in extreme heat and it did just fine. The eyeliner didn't smudge or come off all day long, yet it still came off pretty easily with Vasaline at the end of the day. I'm making this Infallible line my summer (if not year round) makeup. Love it!

I recently mentioned that I was trying Tiffani Thiessen's recipe for a corn on the cob sauce made with sriracha, mayo, and a few other things. It was a hit! So, as promised, here's a link to the recipe:

It was way too hot to be outside grilling, so I just boiled the corn and I also skipped the cilantro. I love cilantro, but forgot to buy it at the store. :) 

Here's a pic of mine...

It was really good and I even added a little to my BBQ chicken that night. :)

Oh, and since I got a few requests for my BBQ chicken recipe, here it is...

*Five boneless, skinless chicken breasts (thawed)

*One red onion (sliced)

*One yellow onion (sliced)

*One bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce

*Garlic powder (to taste)

*Cumin (to taste)

Throw everything in the crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours. Then shred chicken and return to crock pot for 30 minutes. Serve on hamburger buns, ciabatta buns, or whatever you like. 

Y'all have a great day!



  1. Make up that stays on in this heat and humidity really is a bonus! Thanks for those recommendations. Your chicken sounds wonderful along with the corn. Yummy. :)

  2. You have been a great "sponsor" for that Loreal makeup. They should pay you! I fell in love with the foundation, so now maybe I'll try these other products too. I always like your recommendations.

  3. I almost bought that eyeliner on Saturday! :) I should have as it's another "take back" if it doesn't work. I sorta forgot that part while in the store. I've tried so many and they all fade, smudge or just disappear! Thanks for the info on that and the lip color. I did buy the make up and I'm impressed!

    I've made bar-b-que in the crock pot like good! I've also done "pulled pork" too. You might try that sometime. I'm so anxious for fall! Just love getting back in the kitchen, the smells, crisp air, you name it! :)


  4. Chicken and corn sounds really good..
    I need to try that make up.. I am in Ms, and we too are having some hot/humid weather..eeeh.
    Lip stick that last that long, is fantastic.. thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh how I love your makeup posts! It's like gabbing with a friend about makeup! That lip color is pretty impressive! I've tried one similar from Rimmel and that sucker didn't budge at all. I felt like you at the end of the night...nothing was taking it off lol!

  6. Hi there- im a new follower after stumbling on your blog today. It didn't hurt that you were a fellow Texan. ;) I have got to try the eyeliner. I wipe my eyes too much and I smear eyeliner all over my fave. Its ridiculous. I need something to stay. Usually I use liquid eyeliner. Mac lipsticks are my favorite because they also stay on all day. With our weather we need lasting power!
    I have got to try the crockpot chicken. Sounds delicious!

    1. That eyeliner is great! The best part is that you can return it if you don't like it. :) This Texas humidity is about to drive me nuts. Can't wait for cooler weather!

  7. I really like learning about makeup products people like so I know whether to try them. I am glad you were happy with the products you tried. The chicken recipe sounds great. I am going to have to try that. I hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, Kim! They also have a nail polish in that same line that's supposed to last 14 days, so I might have to try that next. :) Enjoy your week!

  8. I love corn and I must TRY THIS!!!!! Thanks! My mom swears by the infallible liner!

  9. I love corn and I must TRY THIS!!!!! Thanks! My mom swears by the infallible liner!


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