Sunday, June 21, 2015

DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Rolling Cart Reveal

We finally completed our Restoration Hardware inspired rolling cart/bookshelves and I have tons of pics to share. :)

restoration hardware copy cat wood and steel shelving

I could not be more happy with how they turned out! They are exactly how I envisioned them. Oh, and the RH ones retail for about $2500 and we made these for $105!!!!!!!! 

The metal straps are one of my favorite parts... 

The bars just add to the industrial look that I love.

And the wheels!!! Love those wheels!

This textured basket was one of the first things I bought to decorate these shelves with. I've been buying things for about six months now. Every time I would see something on sale, I would grab it up and store it. :) 

I made that boxwood wreath/frame specifically with these shelves in mind. 

That basket on the bottom shelf used to be brown with fake ivy in it. I've had it since the 90's. I removed the ivy a long time ago and painted it heirloom white. For now, I'm storing that green throw in it. 

I'm loving the garden stool in its new spot by the loveseat. 

Of course, bringing in the new bookshelves meant we had to play musical decor with a few things.

This wall above the tufted chair used to have a trio of sunburst mirrors and I switched them out for this plumbago print my son made for me. (the next thing on my list is to replace that lamp with a glass "bubble" lamp from Kirkland's, but I'm afraid the one I want may be too big for that table)

The plumbago print used to be above that demi-lune table below. I just moved it over to the right (above the chair) and moved the fleur de lis above the demi-lune. I'll share before and after pics at the bottom of the post so you'll know what I'm talking about. 

The pic below is kind of fuzzy, but it shows another angle of the room. I like the flow so much better now.

In case you were wondering, this is where the trio of sunburst mirrors ended up. I like them much better on this smaller wall in the dining room.

Okay, so here's a few before and afters of the living room...

The next two pictures show what that back corner to the right of the armoire looked like before...

complete house tour

And here's the "after" with the new bookshelves...

Here's a good "before" pic of the sunburst mirrors and the plumbago print... (I liked those sunburst mirrors, but they never seemed quite right in that spot)

And here's the "after"...

Here's the "before" of the dining room with the small floral print above the kidney table...

And again, here's the "after" with the sunburst mirrors. The floral print was moved to the top shelf of the new bookcases.

If you're interested, here's a link to the tutorial we used to make the rolling cart/bookcases...

I was so glad to finally get this piece built. I was never happy with that particular corner of the living room, decor wise. I knew it needed a more substantial piece of furniture, but it took me a long time to make up my mind as to what I wanted. I think this rolling cart definitely fits the bill and it only took two days to make. :)

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  1. That all looks fantastic Lisa! The shelf is just perfect. Are you going to do a tutorial? I'd like to build something like this for both of my sons. (my house is full)

  2. Oh Lisa! The shelving unit is gorgeous and looks amazing in your living room. You've also styled it so nicely. I think I know where Miss Holly will now be hiding. Lol! You and your hubby did great!
    -Carolyn @ Our Gilded Abode

  3. Hi. Lisa ! Love it! It looks great! Love that new shelf!

  4. Ok Lisa you rocked it out with this one. I love that cart. It is perfect where you have it too. Love the styling to the cart too. I love the little wheels too. What is it about those sweet little wheels on something!!!!! Great job. Have a great week ahead.

  5. I love how that bookshelf turned out! It's very rustic. I think that's great that y'all built it yourself! I know you must've had fun accessorizing it.

  6. Y'all did a fantastic job on that mobile bookshelf-cart! That finish is so popular now, and you were smart to diy this project and not spend those big bucks.....RH pricing is so utterly ridiculous. Great job!

    You may already follow this blog:, but if you don't, you should take a look. Erin has the most gorgeous home I've ever seen. It's quite new, custom-built, and she is furnishing it with pretty much all RH or Pottery Barn. She is someone you kind of want to hate, but she is so sweet you just have to like her. She is all about her family, but she has responded so sweetly to every comment I've ever made. Go look and let me know what you think.....well, after you pick yourself up off the floor, that is!

  7. This is awesome---you guys make a great team! I wish my hubby was good with stuff like this---I can think of a thousand place to put it!!

    I wanted to suggest...the little lamp you are looking to replace. I think the size you have is perfect for the table and I love the base. Have you thought of getting just a shade? I really love what Target has...they are always just spot on stylewise and they have all sorts of sizes.

    Jane x

  8. Oh, Lisa!!!! The shelves turned out beautifully!!!!! I love the mix of rustic and much character going on there girl!!! You decorated the shelves perfectly and I love your "after musical decor". Everything flows so nicely :)

    I think a bigger lamp would look nice on that table, too :)

    I showed my hubby your masterpiece and said I may see this in his near future of building lol!!

  9. Your bookshelves looks great. You and your husband did a terrific job. I like the way you styled it. Your home is decorated wonderfully.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I had a ball styling it and I'm so happy with how it turned out. :) Hope you're having a nice week!

  10. Oh, Lisa, it is gorgeous! You guys did a wonderful job building this piece. It looks store bought! I also love the way you decorated it. Beautiful! xxx Maria

  11. That is a GREAT looking piece. What a wonderful knock-off! You did a fantastic job of putting that together and you have it decorated beautifully...and I, of course, LOVE that piece in the corner below your sunburst mirrors. Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  12. Simply beautiful! So awesome that you were inspired by RH, but able to build it for so much less!!!

  13. Looks amazing Lisa! Wow, I would love to make one of those. But I probably should finish my long time barstool project. Thanks for the lovely post! You've been very busy.

    1. Thanks, J! We're so pleased with it! It's been fun decorating it with different things. :) I'm looking forward to seeing your final barstool project!

  14. This is absolutely fanta-bulous!!!!!! aaaahhhh! Looks like the real thing! Great job, your home just keeps getting prettier and prettier!

  15. Love the rolling cart! I need to do that!

    1. Thank you, Madalyn! We're wondering why we didn't built it sooner. :) Enjoy the weekend!


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