Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Easy Scone Recipe, Holly's Obsession, and a Cozy Mystery Book Recommendation

Have y'all started baking more now that it's getting closer to Fall and all the holidays? Oh my goodness...I can't seem to stop baking things!

I've been making this chocolate chip scone recipe for years and it's SO good!

chocolate chip scone recipe

It's from Sandra Lee (love her!) Here's a link to the recipe if you're interested: Mocha Chip Scones Recipe

I also made some pumpkin bread...

I always make two loaves (at least) and it's so nice to have it around for snacks and breakfast. 

Y'all...Holly is OBSESSED with ribbon!!! 

She LOVES to play with ribbon! And what's funny is that she totally prefers the red or pink ribbon to any other color. Lol! She will grab her ribbon, drag it over close to me, drop it at my feet and sit there looking from me to the ribbon while meowing until I get up and drag it around for her. Ha! She sure has figured out a way to communicate, despite our lack of a common language. :)

Oh, I almost forgot...I also made this chocolate bundt cake...

Do you see all that icing? That's a double recipe! Some days you just need a little (or a lot) of chocolate in your life. :)

Okay, I've talked about my love of Cozy Mystery books HERE. Basically a "cozy mystery" is more of a light mystery with little or no blood and gore. Most of them inject a little humor too. In the link above I talked about some of my favorites. My mom recently found a new cozy mystery series she's enjoying and since we pretty much have the same taste in books, I gave them a try and I loved them! The author is Gayle Trent and they're the "Myrtle Crumb Mysteries." Here's a link to her website where she talks about the series:

I think they're only available on Kindle right now. I got it on my Kindle, but my mom has the Kindle app on her iPhone and got it on there. The books are a quick read (around 100 pages each) and are only .99 cents on Amazon!!

Have y'all read any good books lately? Do tell!

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!



  1. Hi Lisa,

    What a great post! I'll have to check out the scone recipe, that sounds like a nice thing to have for the weekend. My husband is always trying to get me to make desserts! I looked at the recipe and it looks like it will be yummy since I was told that cream is the key ingredient to great scones! Can't wait to try it!!! I love your little story about Holly! She is so cute, we love cats over here.... but my son is allergic to cats and dogs. So, we are without any animals... used to have 2 cats and one huge dog and there isn't a day that I don't think about one of them! Enjoy her and have fun with the red ribbon!!!



    1. Thanks, Janine! Yes, I think cream is the key. :) I actually press the dough into a 9 inch round cake pan to get it in a perfect circle, then I flip it over onto a floured surface to cut it into triangles. My youngest son is allergic to dogs, so that's why we only have cats. We actually got a golden retriever puppy once, and that's when we found out he's allergic. Oh well. :) Holly keeps us on our toes though! Lol!

  2. Those desserts sure do look good. Your pictures look so professional too! I don't read books too much. Those mysteries sound interesting though.

  3. All of your baked goods always look so yummy! I started baking last night. While Lily was in the bath I whipped up some chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies as fast as I could so I could surprise her. She was on cloud nine that mommy let her have a couple before bed :)

  4. Wow,you have been doing a lot of baking!!!! I might have to try those scones....I do love my chocolate you know :o) Your little kitty is so fun that she has a favorite color ribbon too!

  5. I've never tried making scone before, but maybe it's time! Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  6. The scones looks so good, Lisa. I never made them before, I think that needs to change. :) And that cake! Please, stop taking such good pictures, my sweet tooth can't take it! LOL I love a good mystery book. One of my favorite writers is Mary Higgings Clark, Her books just grab you from beginning to end.

  7. The scones look good, I think they are great in the winter with tea...the good old English way! Keep up the baking... I will be doing pies, tarts and anything involving apples and pears for the next few weeks!

    Holly is full of surprises! :) I know from Susan Branch's blog, her kitty likes her to shoot rubber bands and he chases them!

    Jane xx

  8. Your home always looks so homey and inviting, Lisa! I've been staring to bake lately too... Nothing says fall like all those rich smells coming from the kitchen! I'll have to pass this scone recipe on to my husband... He's the baker in our family! It looks so good! And I have to make Pumpkin Bread this weekend... Thx for the reminder! Have a very wonderful weekend, my friend!
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I really can't seem to stop baking lately! Lol! It's funny because I use those wax melt things all the time and my favorite scents are the baking ones. My kids are used to coming home and smelling something good, but it's usually just the wax melts or a scented candle. They are always so happy when they find out it's REAL sweets they're smelling! Ha!

  9. It all looks good Lisa, have you tried Maisie Dobbs mysteries? I think there are about 10 of them.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Are you going to share that cake recipe? It looks wonderful!

    Holly is so cute. Our cat communicates too...mostly she says, "Why did you bring that dog here?"

  11. I love mysteries and that's all I want to read right now! I'll look for these. I've been reading the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear and the books by Louise Penny.....all so very good! Hugs!


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