Thursday, May 1, 2014

Favorite iPhone Apps and How To Watermark Your Instagram Pics

Hi y'all! I'm just popping in real quick to share a few of my favorite iPhone apps. I use these on Instagram a lot. (you can find me on Instagram @texasdecor)

The first one is called "Snapseed." It can do wonders for your pics! I could list a million things this app can do. It has an amazing ability to lighten up dark pictures (which is mostly what I use it for) Here's a before and after of a pic I "fixed" using Snapseed...

Here's the "before" pic:

Kind of dark. Now look at the "after"...

how to lighten pictures with snapseed

Neat, huh? I love how it makes the green color pop! That little squirrel was enjoying himself in our bald cypress tree. :) Here's a link to the Snapseed app in the iTunes store:

Here's another pic I posted on IG of my freshly scrubbed kitchen...
This is what the original pic looked like...

And here's the "after" using Snapseed. Lighter and brighter!

Another favorite app is "A Beautiful Mess." This app is so neat! You can add borders, text, filters, doodles and phrases. However, one of my favorite ways to use it is to add a watermark to my Instagram pics. I've seen VERY LONG drawn out tutorials on how to add a watermark to your IG pics, but for me, this is the easiest way. See this pic below? 

That's one of my sons on his first Easter. :) I watermarked it by opening "A Beautiful Mess" app. After I chose this pic, I tapped on "text." Then I simply typed in my blog address, picked a color for the text and tapped "done." It then saved the pic to my camera roll. You can choose from lots of fonts, text colors, etc. You can also move the text around on the pic until you get it right where you want it. This could not be easier! This is also how I was able to continue to watermark some pics for my blog when my "real" camera was broken. 

Below is another pic I used in A Beautiful Mess. Remember how I said they had "doodles" to choose from? Well, that arrow is one of them. I just tapped "doodles" and chose which arrow I wanted, moved it around on the pic, chose a color and tapped "done." Then I also added the text.

And here's one more example of using A Beautiful Mess. When we were trying to decide on a paint color for our house, I decided to do a little survey on Instagram so people could vote on their favorite color. I simply slapped three paint samples up on the wall, snapped a pic with my iPhone, then used A Beautiful Mess to add the text and little arrow doodles. People were then able to choose their favorite color by leaving me a comment with the number they liked best. (FYI..we chose #1) :) Here's a link to A Beautiful Mess in the iTunes store: A Beautiful Mess App

Now, I'm sure by now you've all heard about the Waterlogue app. It really is a lot of fun to use. Flowers seem to make the prettiest pics! This app turns any pic into a watercolor. You can actually print these out and hang them on your wall too! These are some flowers my hubby brought me. They're just sitting on the kitchen table next to my dough bowl filled with apples, but it looks so pretty when using the Waterlogue app! Here's a link to the Waterlogue App in the iTunes store: Waterlogue App

And last but not least, I have to talk a little about the Soundhound app. I use this one all the time. Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wondered what the name of it was? I do that all the time. Well, with Soundhound, you just open the app and let it listen to the song and it'll tell you the name of the song and artist, and even show you the lyrics. It even has a button you can tap to immediately buy the song on iTunes! So cool! 

You can also just sing a song and it'll tell you what the name of it is, the artist, etc. I'm totally NOT a singer and it even picked up on my singing, so I'm pretty sure it can detect anyone's tune. :)

Here's a screen shot of Soundhound in the works. 

Umm...yeah...I was listening to my Valley Girl soundtrack while working out. Hee! I LOVE that movie (and Nicolas Cage!) ;)
Here's a link to the Soundhound app:

Soundhound App

Well, that's about it for now. What are your favorite apps?



  1. Well, you are WAY ahead of me here! lol

    How's your nephew doing? xo Diana

  2. Those are so cool!! What a difference it made on your photos!! And your son....too cute!!! I wish they could stay that little forever!

  3. Oh gosh! I forgot all about The Valley Girl movie!!! I loved that movie and the music. Thanks for the info about the phone apps too.

  4. Thanks so much! I just downloaded the Soundhound...I'm going to have fun with that!! Did you watch The Iheart Radio Awards last night? So good. Pharrell! Yes!

    Trying to find the time to hook up on Instagram. So busy!


  5. Yey! thanks for the tips on these great apps Lisa. I only have the waterlogue but yeah, the snapseed and A beautiful mess is something I need!!!!

  6. Great tips, Lisa! What a difference on the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your week.


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