Thursday, August 15, 2013

Around The House...

I seem to be all about random posts lately. :) I thought I'd share a few pics from the kitchen today. 

I've used Dawn dish washing liquid for years because I love how they donate to Save The Wildlife (and because of how well it works), but did you know it's also an excellent stain remover? I discovered this years ago when my boys were little. Just squirt some Dawn on the stain, and rub it in with some water, then wash immediately. has to be the "original blue dawn." Also, I just saw on the Today Show that you can mix 50% Dawn with 50% hydrogen peroxide for a super powerful stain remover. Good to know! (especially if you have boys...what is it about boys attracting so many stains?!)

Sometimes I share these kinds of pics on Instagram with the hashtag "fridge peeks." Ha! I thought this might make y'all laugh...see that note on top of the milk?

Here's a closer look. "Use the half gallon first!" Ha! I bought a new gallon of milk the other day, but we still had an unopened half gallon from the week before. Since the half gallon expired first, I wanted to make sure the boys opened it first. LOL!

And of course, I also had to put a note on the half gallon. :)

Do y'all like these? I'm crazy for these zesty pickle spears! I eat one each day.  

And look at that...NO CALORIES AND NO FAT!! Just don't look at the sodium. :) Speaking of sure to check back soon because I plan to do a post about my mom's homemade pickles. Oh my word...they're so good! The best part is that you don't have to boil jars or anything like that. The whole process takes less than an hour and most of that time is spent just chopping up the cucumbers. :)

Look at these cute measuring cups my hubby bought for me at Pier 1! I've definitely trained him well. LOL!
Is anyone else watching "Under The Dome?" My oldest son watches it with me every week. It's really good! My aunt watches it too, and after every episode, we have to discuss it and talk about what happened and what we think will happen the next week. :) I guess that's all the randomness for now. Does anyone else have to put notes on things in their fridge? 



  1. Love my Dawn too! I need to put a note on the milk jug that says Recycle When Empty. That would be instead of putting it back in empty. :)

  2. I'm using Dawn right now too, but it's not the blue kind. I didn't know that was the best one. I'll have to remember that. I bought the lavender scent but probably won't buy it again because it makes me think of soap for the shower instead. I have never left notes in the fridge before. That's a good idea though.

  3. I leave notes everywhere too but not for my kids....for my husband!!!! LOL!!! I LOVE pickles so I will have to look for those next time I am at the store. Your new measuring cups are so cute too :o)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. That's great about Dawn...I never heard it was great for stains. It's probably cheaper to use than Shout. I love the notes in your fridge! I find (and leave) notes that say, "Mine. Don't touch!!" lol!

    Your hubby is a sweetie! I thought you were going to say these were from Anthropologie...very cute!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Great post, Lisa! Love the notes in the fridge! :)

  6. The measuring cups are so cute. I have a fun little set from Pier 1 that I use for prep bowls because the measurements are off quite a bit. Just sayin' you might want to check the measurements before trusting them for baking something.


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