Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Blogger Comment Fix? And Vitex, Lantana and Magic Erasers

Okay...let's give this blogging thing another try, shall we? So after my last post, I still wasn't getting email notifications when y'all left me a comment. It was so frustrating that I pretty much quit blogging for a while. Then I came across a "fix" that's supposed to work, so I'm trying it here. Here's what I did:

I clicked on "design" on the upper right of my blog page.

Then on the left hand side, I clicked on "settings" then "email." 

It shows your email address inside your comment notification box. I deleted my email and hit "save." 

Then I re-entered my email address and hit "save" again. 

I immediately got an email from Blogger with an invitation to receive comment notification, and I clicked on "subscribe." Now apparently I'll start getting your comments emailed to me again. Let's hope this works, because if it doesn't, I might be done with blogging. I just don't have time to mess around with all Blogger's problems with their email notifications. (Don't worry though, you can still find me on Instagram @texasdecor and I post regularly over there.)

Anyway...the following post has been in my draft folder for a couple of months. I just didn't see any point in posting when I wasn't getting your comments sent to me. But I figured it's a neat cleaning tip and hopefully I'll get your kind comments again. So here we go...

This post is all over the place. Ha! 

How is everyone? Are your kids out for the summer? I don't have any kids in school anymore (just college) so I'm not keeping up with when school is out, etc. 

I had to share my Vitex tree with you. When it blooms, it BLOOMS! It's filled with colorful purple flowers. 

And remember my Lantana I've been giving updates on? Here's a refresher...

Here it is March 7th...

And April 7th...

And May 7th...

Quite a difference, right? It's blooming profusely now and will continue to do so all summer long. So don't get discouraged if your Lantana freezes down in the winter. It'll come back quickly and if you can just stand the little in-between stage, you'll end up with beautiful blooms. Gardening takes patience. :) 

So you know how I love to clean my house? You can see my last cleaning routine post HERE. Well, I recently used a Magic Eraser to clean my shower and WOW! I was really impressed! It all started when I saw my friend Kristy's weekly cleaning post HERE. She mentioned using Magic Erasers in the shower, so I gave it a whirl. It did a bang up job everywhere, but especially on the shower floor, which in my opinion is the hardest part to get clean. But it was bright white when I was done, yay!!! (a little PSA...always wear gloves when using Magic Erasers)

Here's the original Magic Eraser I used...

The only thing is that the original magic eraser doesn't have any germ killing cleanser in it (at least I don't think it does) and it fell apart pretty quickly after I started scrubbing, so after I cleaned everything (tile walls, glass doors and floor) with Magic Eraser, I rinsed the entire shower and sprayed a little Method Bathroom Cleaner on everything...

I let the Method stuff sit for a few minutes, then rinsed it off. I felt better knowing I might have knocked out a few germs the magic eraser missed. 

But then Kristy mentioned a Magic Eraser specifically made for bathrooms, called "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Scrubber." I liked that these had the cleanser built in, and they're a lot stronger than the original, so I bought them the next time I was at the store. 

Here's a pic of the box...

Y'all, I couldn't wait to try them! I'm such a cleaning dork! They did a really good job, but I think it was mostly because it's more durable than the original. These didn't fall apart and you might even be able to get away with using these twice. The cleanser didn't have a strong scent either, which I loved.

I still sprayed a little Method Bathroom Cleaner on the walls after I scrubbed and rinsed with the Magic Eraser, just to get in a little extra cleansing power. :) 

Here's another tip...I always try to rinse the shower walls after I'm done taking a shower. It helps to remove any soap or shampoo that might be stuck to the walls. Without any residual soap scum, it makes the weekly cleaning a lot easier. 

So tell me, do you have a secret to getting the shower sparkling clean? 

Okay...let's see if I receive your comments. :) 



  1. Please let me know if you see this comment and if you are able to respond. I am getting comments but they are No Reply Blogger so they don't do much good.

    You keep cleaning, girl. I'm right there with ya!

  2. Best tip I ever received for cleaning glass shower walls/doors is to use Cascade liquid dish soap and a scrubby sponge. Takes all the soap scum off in a minute. Put a little on the sponge and wipe down, repeating till all is covered and then rinse! It helps with have a pull down shower head.

  3. Wow, your tree and lantana are gorgeous! Thanks for the cleaning tip, heading to Target and getting the supplies. Stay cool, it was already so, so hot at 6:30 when I walked my dog.

  4. Wow that tree is gorgeous and the Lantana too. It is so amazing to see that beautiful plant come to life and really show off her blooms. Beautiful. Have a great week.

  5. Good to hear from you, Lisa! I used that fix on my blog a few days ago, but I haven't been blogging, so I don't really know if it worked. I have a better cleaning tip for the shower...I let my hubby do it! That is a beautiful tree!


  6. I love lantana, the color is gorgeous. Good for you!
    Thanks for your shower tips. My husband is a fanatic about keeping our shower pristine, I'll let him know about the magic eraser. And I, too, get the Method products.

    I never had the email connection so I wasn't sure what the problem was. I'm understanding it better now and will follow the directions. Thanks!


  7. I hope that the comment fix works for you! It worked for me and I have to say I am so happy now...blogging without commenting back was so depressing. This is much more fun!! Pretty tree!! And I used Carol's shower cleaning method! Works great... hahaha!!


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